Dragonfly Times

The Great Dragonfly Awakening Is Now

The dragonfly and the butterfly are unique insects among earthly creatures, possessing the anomaly of a complete metamorphosis from a nymph and a caterpillar into whole new creatures. The dragonfly begins its life in deep, murky waters as a nymph where it undergoes a series of molts in preparation for its beauty to come, One [...]

The Great Dragonfly Awakening Is Now2024-04-12T00:00:33+00:00

The Erroneous Perception Of Salvation Software

The moment we are born upon this planet, our download begins with the erroneous perception of salvation software. The download comes to us through our ancestral lineage, parents, teachers, friends, education, religion, governance, books, movies, media news and more. It is for the most part a free download for which we are paying a great [...]

The Erroneous Perception Of Salvation Software2022-07-19T20:54:41+00:00

The Evolutionary Return To True Magic

When we think of magic today, magic tricks and shows performed by magicians come to mind, rather than the supernatural enchantment all around us. I might propose that magicians derive their inspiration from the true magic embedded in both the seen and unseen worlds in which we are enveloped. In our busy, modern lives steeped [...]

The Evolutionary Return To True Magic2022-07-19T20:57:35+00:00

The Stealth Design Of Dragonflies

While it appears that Mother Nature gives all animals and insects their unique designs, the stealth design of dragonflies makes them not only exceptional predators, but also an inspiration for the extraordinary capacities of skillful flight and precise vision. The most curious and unusual aspect of all dragonflies remains their remarkable transformation from water loving [...]

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Finding Our Wings In The Age Of Deception

The dragonfly, more than ever now, continues to be a potent messenger for us during these accelerated times of change. The top of the pyramid appears to be unravelling and it is about time: for hierarchical systems are rooted in the deception of power and privilege. As we awaken to the realization that our conditioned [...]

Finding Our Wings In The Age Of Deception2022-07-19T23:29:26+00:00

The Emotional Shift From Fear To Love

Human beings are designed to grow in loving harmony with the natural world and with one another as conscious, co-creative stewards of our beautiful planet. The Natural Law of Polarity presents us with the polarized opposites of good and evil for which the latter has been allowed to reign unchecked and uncorrected for far too [...]

The Emotional Shift From Fear To Love2022-07-19T23:33:08+00:00

The New Age Of Perception Correction

Many of us have come to understand that we create our own reality, and this reality is unique to every individual based upon each person’s perception. In other words, whatever thoughts we entertain in the mind manifest into our external world as what is real for us. As sensory beings, we are constantly collecting [...]

The New Age Of Perception Correction2022-07-19T23:56:35+00:00

The Enlightenment Revolution In Humanity’s Evolution

  While the anticipated date of 2012 has come and gone with no apparent change, nothing could be further from the truth. Change is here with the enlightenment revolution in humanity's evolution. Change is subtly happening in the revolving and evolving consciousness of every soul whether one is aware of it or not. As we [...]

The Enlightenment Revolution In Humanity’s Evolution2022-07-20T00:20:14+00:00
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