Dragonfly Times

The Grassroots Of Personal Transformation

  There is an Intuit legend that tells the story of a Skeleton Woman. It is beautifully told by Clarissa Pinkola Estes in her book, Women Who Run With The Wolves. The story goes like this: A woman had been thrown into the sea by her angry, disapproving father, and in time became a skeleton [...]

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Closing The Gap Between Science And Spirituality

For hundreds of years, man has sought to understand and explain himself and his world. While science has focused on the exterior evolution of seen evidence, spirituality has focused on the interior involution of unseen evidence. These different approaches have resulted in a polarized existence for mankind defined by separation. Either one believes in the [...]

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The Gift Of Grace In These Changing Times

It is hard to disregard the enormous energy in motion on the planet now reflecting times of great change. If you are not feeling it, you must be sleep walking! Every sector of life as we know it is being challenged: religion, science, education, health, food, government, environment, careers, families, relationships, spirituality and more. We, [...]

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Legend Of The Dragonfly

Dragonflies have a special fascination for many folks which has resulted in dragonfly folklore around the world. Something about this iridescent, winged creature compels us towards a longing to understand the meaning of dragonfly. Out of this longing has arisen the legend of the dragonfly amongst people in diverse cultures. Some of these dragonfly myths [...]

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Dragonflies And The Human Evolution Of Awakening

A question we might all want to ask, in light of all the enormous challenges humanity faces today, is are we in the process of evolution or devolution? The sign posts of these challenges do not appear, on the surface, to be pointing to a positive human evolution. Human evolution is about humanity's capacity to [...]

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Embracing New Beliefs To Create Change

Humanity is in need of a great change. If we are honest with ourselves, if we can slow down long enough to really see the truths being reflected back to us in the mirror of life we have created, we can glimpse clearly what is, and what is not, working. History has shown us that [...]

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