Human beings are designed to grow in loving harmony with the natural world and with one another as conscious, co-creative stewards of our beautiful planet. The Natural Law of Polarity presents us with the polarized opposites of good and evil for which the latter has been allowed to reign unchecked and uncorrected for far too long; and for which we are suffering the consequences. Rather than consciously choose the positive expression for our natural, co-creative choice to love, we have been unconsciously swayed by the presence of evil rogue forces into the negative expression for a co-destructive choice of fear. The emotional shift from fear to love is now our required saving grace if we are going to preserve our planet and ourselves from fear’s manifestation of enslavement and chaos, and to restore the harmonious flow of creation that grants us our sovereign freedom.

We are energy beings residing within a vibrational universe. Our new scientific understanding of “String” theory provides both evidence for the subatomic, cellular presence of tiny strings that prove to be vibrational in nature; and also suggests evidence for multi-dimensions that vibrate at different frequency levels. Our 3D reality is governed by this multitude of dimensions, which are in turn governed by natural laws. The only tangible, visible dimension is that which we manifest in this third dimension; but it is the unseen dimensions that dictate the quality of our earthly manifestations. Our conscious connection with the invisible nature spirits at work within 2D determines either our harmony or disharmony with planetary forces; and thus reveals either the health or disease of our planet and ourselves. Likewise, the vibratory nature of the 4D unseen realm, belonging to the collective mind and emotions, denotes our mental and emotional well-being based upon what thoughts and feelings we collectively choose to entertain. If the collective is predominantly giving their attention to fear, then we will co-create a reality rooted in fear. Yet if we can infuse the 4D aggregate with loving thoughts and feelings, we will wake up in a world of love.

Our DNA generic design is wired for love, not fear. We are the body electric with a genetic structure akin to a string of lights by which we receive and transmit signals from and to our environment. The frequency of fear is wide and slow while love’s vibration is narrow and rapid. Thus fear fails to turn on and activate all of our lights, and leaves us operating in the dark. The frequency of love, however, moves quickly and efficiently to activate all of our lights so that we can burn bright, and weaken the lower vibrations of fear. We must guard against the abundance of fear that is poisoning our living atmosphere for if we receive it, we will transmit it back out into 4D. Our consistent co-creative choice to love will allow for this harmony to be transmitted into the world around us and create more love for us to receive. We humans are currently stuck in the fearful fog that looms above us in the 4D canopy; and only the collective emotional shift from fear to love can lift our awareness beyond the mist into the higher 5D realm of loving communion with all sentient life.

We are like the dragonfly, awaiting our metamorphosis by which to soar amidst the higher vibrations as beings of light and love. It is imperative that we do not succumb to the fearful frequencies at work in the world, but rather choose to harmoniously align with the natural laws of creation that are rooted in love’s vibrational force. Fear is our evil enslavement while love is our sacred redemption.