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Making Seasonal Broths, Tonics and Elixirs

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Classes are limited to 6 students. This is a two day class separated by 4 weeks. In the first class, we will make the broth in the morning, have lunch, then make the tonic while the broth continues to simmer for 2-3 hours, then we will strain and bottle the broth. You will each go home with a nice bottle of broth, and your bottle of tonic that needs to steep for 4 weeks. You will return in 4 weeks with your bottle of tonic that we will strain, and make the elixir from the tonic. You will each go home with a nice bottle of tonic and a tincture bottle of elixir.

The first class will also include informative discussions on how to add adaptogenic foods and herbs to your current diet. We will make at least one adaptogen powder mix for you to take home. In the second class we will discuss ideas for growing your own broth garden, and make a nutritious drink with the tonics.



The first class runs from 9 am to 4 pm.

The second class runs from 9 am to noon.



The course will be taught at my home and farm located NW of Vero Beach, FL. My address and directions will be included in an email, along with other info, upon signing up for the course.




This price includes:

– all the food, herbs and adaptogens for the broth

-all the ingredients for the tonics, elixirs and powder mixes

-quality Mason jars and tincture bottles

-a healthy lunch and teas for the first class and a special treat for the second class

-Two Bonus materials that you will love

                                -A list of the broths, tonics and elixirs we have made with the ingredients and instructions

                              -A list of adaptogen foods and herbs to add to your diet along with a few recipes and ideas

               Note: If you sign up for any future classes after taking this one, you will receive a 15% discount.

Sign Up

To sign up, simply email me at [email protected] and specify the dates you want.



I am not taking any deposits to hold your place since I require a minimum of 6 students for the class to be a go. Once I have 6 students confirmed, I will email everyone an invoice. You will have the option to pay by check, either mailing it or bringing it the first day, or to pay the invoice with a debit or credit card online.

If making two payments helps you financially, and time allows you to do so, you can send $200 by check ahead of time and bring the $200 balance to the first class. If paying by debit or credit card, let me know you want to do two payments so I can adjust the invoice accordingly.

In short, everyone must be paid up by the start of the first class.


2024-2025 Class Dates

1. Making a Summer Broth, Heart Tonic, Heart Elixir

First class – Saturday June 29, 2024

Second class – Saturday July 27, 2024


The heart and small intestine are the organs of summer. The spring broth has aided in cleansing and detoxifying the liver in preparation for the endless summer days of sun, heat and the high energy of passion and pleasure. The summer broth contains more cooling herbs that provide moisture, and heart healing herbs so that we can maintain our summer joy and energy. Summertime is when the sympathetic nervous system is in high gear, and some calming herbs are needed to conserve energy during long summer days to prevent burn out.

Late summer is the time of the stomach and the spleen, when our gut and digestion are full of summer’s bounty. We can add more digestive support to our late summer broth, as well as soothing and calming adaptogens for the nervous system, as the high yang energy of summer begins to wind down towards the yin of autumn.

We will make 3 separate tonics that you will take home to steep for 4 weeks.When you return for the second class, we will combine these to make the heart elixir. You will still have the 3 jars of the tonics from which to make more of the heart elixir, as well as making separate elixirs from them if you desire.


2. Making an Autumn Broth, Fire Cider Tonic, Gut Healing Tonic, Tea Tonic

First class – Saturday September 28, 2024

Second class – October 26, 2024


The lungs and large intestine are the organs of autumn and the harvest season. The yin energy is calling us to rest and restore as we let go of the yang endless summer, yet it remains a busy time. The autumn broth contains herbs to support the lungs through this transition, along with herbs to tone the gut and calm the nervous system. This gut fortifying and immunity building broth gives us an emotional boost as we cycle back to cooler days and more inward time.

We will be making two tonics to support the lungs and digestion that you will take home to steep. When you return, we will simply strain these and will not be making an elixir from them as they will already contain apple cider vinegar. So instead of an elixir, we will make a wonderful tea tonic from six herbs to support, tone and heal the gut. You will take home a small jar of this herb mix for making more tea.


3. Making a Winter Broth, Elderberry Syrup, Nettle Tonic and Elixir, Cacao Elixir

First class – Saturday January 4, 2025

Second class – Saturday February 1, 2025


The kidneys and the bladder are the organs of winter. The winter broth contains more root vegetables and herbs for deep nourishment, combined with immune boosting and warming adaptogen foods and herbs to support these organs. Drinking a strong immune supportive broth before and during the winter months will prepare and protect our bodies from the common illnesses associated with the colder seasons.

We will make an Elderberry syrup that is not only a gem to have on hand during cold season, but any season due to its restorative effect upon the immune system.

We will make the nettle tonic, and after 4 weeks, we will make the nettle elixir and a delicious cacao elixir in the blender and which we will drink immediately. I will also give you a recipe for Nettle Miso soup and a Nettle Beet broth.


4. Making a Spring Broth, Dandelion Tonic and Elixir

First class – Saturday March 29, 2025

Second class – Saturday April 26, 2025


The liver and gallbladder are the organs of spring. As the colder temperatures wane and the warmth slowly returns, a nutrient-rich, detoxifying spring broth will enable us to emerge into spring with renewed strength and energy. We move now from a deep, warming broth to a lighter broth with more soothing, purifying and cooling herbs that move stagnation and calm inflammation while providing deep nutrition. Spring is the best time of the year to do a cleanse, and this broth will slowly and gently assist the cleansing process.

Dandelion reigns supreme for cleansing and purifying the liver and gallbladder after winter stagnation. It is deeply nourishing and full of vitamins and minerals. One can feel its warming and drying effect immediately.

We will make the dandelion tonic, and after 4 weeks, we will make the dandelion elixir. You will have extra tonic to make more of the elixir. We will also make a lovely sparkling Tulsi Lavender drink to boost our spirits for spring.


More class dates for 2025 forthcoming