Do you have a large yard, or maybe a few acres, or even 10-20 acres for which you are wondering how you might design it to create bountiful gardens of food, flowers and herbs, or productive crops, orchards or animals for farm income, or restoring and re-wilding your land with native plants and wildlife habitats? No matter the size of your land, the art and science of permaculture can greatly assist you in living and working close to your land in order to achieve a harmonious and abundant dream.

Permaculture offers you wise design principles with which to observe and study your land, and create working systems that are both ecologically and economically sound for a sustainable future. Thus, permaculture is an ecological mindset, a way of life, from which both humanity and the planet benefit. This dynamic collaboration between natural ecosystems and the human community not only heals both people and the planet, but also restores our need for a sacred ecology.

While my training in permaculture was to produce designs for installations, I have chosen instead to teach others how to create their own designs for their land. This is in part due to the likelihood that your vision for your land is going to change as you gain new permaculture eyes and move through the design process. It is your own intimate connection and understanding of your land that will ultimately create the best design.

I am now offering both a basic permaculture course, which you can read about here, and also permaculture consultations. There could be several reasons why one might want a consultation from a permaculture designer:

1. You are considering taking the permaculture course, but would like clarification, based upon your current knowledge and where you are with your land, if the course would be advantageous for you. I will give you an honest assessment.

2. You have partially designed and developed your land, but are in need of a vision to complete it.

3. You have specific goals for what you want to create, but are not sure how and where to begin.

4. You have a home with ample land, and want to know more options for what you can create.

5. You have raw land, and want to know how and where to begin.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions.

I am also considering some one day courses to meet some specific needs, like building soil or composting, if I get enough requests.


Prices for Permaculture Consultations

              1. Less than 1 acre – $55 an hour

2. 1-3 acres – $75 an hour

   3. 3-5 acres – $100 an hour

      4. 5-10 acres – $125 an hour

         5. 10-20 acres – $150 an hour


Simply email me at [email protected] to schedule your consultation, and how much time you require. I will confirm the day and time along with an invoice to be paid prior to my arrival. If you are unsure as to how much time you might need, I can invoice you for an hour and if we go beyond that, you can pay me for the extended time by cash or check upon completion.