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The Buddha Dragonfly Message

I recently moved to Vero Beach, Florida into a wonderful, light filled house nestled in a jungle setting with a five minute walk to the beach. I have landed in a little piece of paradise after weeks of packing, weeding, sorting, hauling, organizing and an endless design with "stuff". All of these dealings with my [...]

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Legend Of The Dragonfly

Dragonflies have a special fascination for many folks which has resulted in dragonfly folklore around the world. Something about this iridescent, winged creature compels us towards a longing to understand the meaning of dragonfly. Out of this longing has arisen the legend of the dragonfly amongst people in diverse cultures. Some of these dragonfly myths [...]

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Dragonfly Stories

The following stories were shared on my first dragonfly site, DragonflySymbolism.org. These stories touched my heart. I want to thank all these amazing people for sharing and caring.  I am posting these stories here on the new site to honor those who shared so deeply and honestly. ____________________ I just wanted to share my story [...]

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