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One of the best gifts from exposure on the world wide web is all the new connections, friends and kindred spirits one can discover from around the globe. The web has truly created a small world after all in which we can share our experiences, passions, dreams and ideas. We cannot underestimate this collective power of sharing towards the creation of a better world for all. In fact, I sense our globally shared experiences, of both joy and suffering, provides the foundation for us to become more united, more aware of our innate creativity to solve the world’s problems and thus, more capable of healing ourselves and our planet while creating the sustainable change we need and desire.

If you ever want to take my permaculture course or my classes using adaptogen herbs, and you are from out of town, reach out to me as I have rooms where you can stay in this rambling farmhouse.

Feel free to contact me at the email address below. I look forward to meeting you!

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