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Adaptogen Plants and Our Microbiome Bodies

All across our planet, adaptogen plants are growing deep in the forests, high upon the sides of mountains and along the river banks. It is not by accident, but rather the intention of the planetary Mother to provide her inhabitants with plant medicines. Similarly, tropical forests are full of fruit and nut trees, [...]

Adaptogen Plants and Our Microbiome Bodies2024-06-12T17:04:47+00:00

How Adaptogens Build Calm Energy and Stress Resilience

The human physical body was not designed to endure long durations of intense stress. If we were, then stress would not be noted as a major contributor to a vast array of chronic health issues. Since stress has become an integral part of our modern existence, it is imperative that we find ways to not [...]

How Adaptogens Build Calm Energy and Stress Resilience2024-05-30T00:09:05+00:00

The Great Dragonfly Awakening Is Now

The dragonfly and the butterfly are unique insects among earthly creatures, possessing the anomaly of a complete metamorphosis from a nymph and a caterpillar into whole new creatures. The dragonfly begins its life in deep, murky waters as a nymph where it undergoes a series of molts in preparation for its beauty to come, One [...]

The Great Dragonfly Awakening Is Now2024-04-12T00:00:33+00:00

The Creation Of Fabulous Food Forests

The permaculture term, “food forests”, seems to be gaining notoriety across the world wide web and in local conversations. As one of the key permaculture zones, food forests are simply food gardens in a forest setting. They are built using diverse edible trees and plants that imitate natural forest patterns and ecosystems. There purpose is [...]

The Creation Of Fabulous Food Forests2024-04-07T15:21:42+00:00

The Lively Colors And Healthy Flavors Of Tropical Fruit

I never really knew the amazing world of topical fruit with all its lively colors and healthy flavors until I moved to Florida. For most of us, our introduction to tropical fruits comes from our travels to tropical regions, and their fresh flavors linger long after we return home. Unfortunately, our access to all these [...]

The Lively Colors And Healthy Flavors Of Tropical Fruit2024-04-07T15:23:52+00:00

The Imperative Of Healthy Soil

“No creature, not even swine, befouls its nest with such abandon as does homo sapiens, poisoning his habitat with fiendishly concocted chemicals and their deadly waste.” From the Introduction in Secrets Of The Soil Healthy soil is essential for the production of healthy food, and healthy food is critical for a healthy body. We cannot [...]

The Imperative Of Healthy Soil2024-04-07T15:24:42+00:00

Permaculture Principles For The Farm And Garden

Permaculture is an ecological system that incorporates 12 permaculture principles to use on the farm and in the garden. The beauty of these principles is that they align with the laws we find at work in nature, and thereby creates a harmonious system by which both people and the planet benefit. The goal of permaculture [...]

Permaculture Principles For The Farm And Garden2024-04-07T15:25:37+00:00
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