The dragonfly and the butterfly are unique insects among earthly creatures, possessing the anomaly of a complete metamorphosis from a nymph and a caterpillar into whole new creatures. The dragonfly begins its life in deep, murky waters as a nymph where it undergoes a series of molts in preparation for its beauty to come, One day, a trigger will suddenly cause the nymph to leave its water world, climb out upon a stalk where slowly as all the water drains off, iridescent wings appear for its new life in the sky as a dragonfly. This stealth, fragile, beautiful insect delivers to us a potent metaphor and message for our own great dragonfly awakening that is happening now.

I see the term “the great awakening” being used more and more as both a response and also a solution to these crazy, uncertain times. Our response is akin to the nymph trigger to start transforming and awakening to a new life. It is time for humanity to leave the dark, murky waters of deception and corruption behind, and take flight with wings to ride these winds of change. Our transformational awakening is the solution to preserve the truth we know (and don’t know yet) and protect our love of freedom.

The dragonfly has four attributes from which we can learn and use to navigate these turbulent times.


The word stealth refers to secrecy, silence, covertness, slyness and all manner of projectile weapons. The dragonfly is a stealth machine with fighter jet precision to target food and prey due to each wing being able to function independently. It can fly at speeds of 20 mph, and is know to migrate over 1000 miles. Their bulbous eyes can see almost 360 degrees, and their visible color spectrum includes about 33 various shades. Some dragonflies are equipped with razor-sharp tips on the edge of their wings by which to dissect food and prey in midair. Further, their iridescent wings suggest light frequencies abound in their wings by which they are guided to both food and prey.

Stealth attributes for humanity are needed in these times. It is worth noting that our governing domestic enemies are all about secrecy, covertness, slyness and using weapons. Our dragonfly awakening can match and defeat them at their own game by using our stealth secrets and silence to illuminate and expose their dark lies. We can use the light of our wings to burn bright and guide us towards what we need and where the enemy is lurking. And like the dragonfly that does not hesitate to eradicate its prey, we must take stealth action against those who commit crimes against humanity.


Dragonflies are very fragile. If one has ever landed on your hand, you see how delicate and fragile they are, despite their stealth abilities in their dragonfly world. We humans, along with our planet, all creatures and life upon it, are fragile. We are a people and a planet out of balance, and trauma is not our friend. Like the nymph, our DNA awaits the trigger to leave the deceptive waters behind, and soar with dragonfly wings of light to a higher perspective above all the lies we have been told. For the lies make us more fragile when the truth makes us strong. We must embrace both our stealth and fragility if we are to defeat our prey with the speed, maneuverability and endurance of the dragonfly.


The dragonfly comes in every color, steeped with iridescence. The featured photo was recently taken by my sister while we were by the pool, and it was perched nearby on the tip of an African Iris leaf. It was a little dragonfly, bathed in copper iridescence. My sister is a great photographer, and captured this photo with a super Nikon lens. We were both amazed at all the intricate detail that was unavailable to our naked eye. So much wonder and beauty in nature passes us by without the use of our stealth vision. The beautiful dragonfly shimmers, glows and radiates its transformative colors in every shade. It is the metaphor for who each of us can become, once we leave the murky waters where all nymphs look the same. If we desire the beauty to come, then we must risk leaving the world we have known, and welcome our winged awakening into a new, more beautiful way of being.


I have always believed the presence of a dragonfly comes with a message. I know this not only from my own dragonfly experiences, but also from the many profound comments I received on my first dragonfly site confirming other people’s amazing experiences. We forget that nature is our teacher, and carries forth the light to remind us of who we are. For like the dragonfly, we possess an evolutionary trigger for our transformation at a time when we need it most. And that time is now.

Artificial intelligence is but a substitute for the real thing, and the dragonfly awakening is our awakening to the fact that we are the real thing. We do not need to be mind-controlled, enslaved, chipped, experimented upon and suppressed. We are free beings with wings to fly. Dragonfly comes to tell us that we are beautiful beings, capable of great transformation. It is the messenger to dispel our illusions, fears and lies and reminds us to keep dreaming. For the dragonfly dream is a higher vision, one that never dies, but constantly evolves and awakens to the truth of creation. The great dragonfly awakening is here now, and the beauty to come awaits us. We must fly as a global community upon new iridescent wings, expose the dark prey with the power of light and remove the predatory enemy form our midst, once and for all.