Biodynamic Gardening

The Imperative Of Healthy Soil

“No creature, not even swine, befouls its nest with such abandon as does homo sapiens, poisoning his habitat with fiendishly concocted chemicals and their deadly waste.” From the Introduction in Secrets Of The Soil Healthy soil is essential for the production of healthy food, and healthy food is critical for a healthy body. We cannot [...]

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Working In Cooperation With Nature Spirits

The wild and wonderful world of nature spirits may remain hidden to those not living close to nature; and even gardeners may fail to recognize that they are working in cooperation with the nature spirits. Cosmic influences support healthy soil conditions and all plant growth, and include the great hidden work of nature spirits, also [...]

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Organic Raised-Bed Gardening In Cuba

I recently returned from an amazing trip to Cuba. My favorite excursion upon our extensive tour of this most beautiful Caribbean island was our visit to La Finca Agroecologica in the lush Vinales valley where organic raised-bed gardening in Cuba demonstrates pure perfection. La Finca is a shining example of ecological gardening in harmony with [...]

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Evolutionary Lessons From The Plant Kingdom

 I believe with all my heart it is imperative to the survival of humanity that we learn to live in harmony with nature. I grew up on a big, beautiful farm in Virginia at the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. My childhood days were filled with the wonder of the natural world as I [...]

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Biodynamic Agriculture To End World Hunger

In May last year I posted an article, Back To The Garden To Feed The World, in which I explained how the cultivation of small gardens would be sufficient to provide enough fresh food to feed everyone. If we understand the principles in biodynamic gardening, the concept that multitudes of small gardens can feed the [...]

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The Higher Evolution And Wisdom Found In The Life Of Plants

Rudolph Steiner was noted as saying that "plants can only be understood when considered in connection with all that is circling, weaving and living around them." Steiner also explained that the birds are vital to the health of plants. The healthy growth of plants to flower and fruit is virtually stunted without the wing beats [...]

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The Wisdom Of Nature To Unify Humanity

Human beings are so delicately woven to nature that in essence we could say nature is us, and we are nature. As our awareness of this fine thread linking us to nature grows and expands, we can begin to comprehend the ever deeper levels of our union with every aspect of our natural environment. Our [...]

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Toxic Farming Practices And Colony Collapse Disorder

A major concern in our world today is the alarming rate of the bees disappearing, also know as colony collapse disorder. Over a million bee colonies are dying each year, leaving the queen bee to starve and die. Why are the bees dying? Though there remains a fair amount of controversy about the bees dying, [...]

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