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My Tropical Octagonal Greenhouse

One of the great things about living in Florida is being able to grow whatever you desire all year long. I did discover, however, with my first vegetable garden here that shade cloth was a vital necessity during the summer months as the hot tropical sun becomes too much for many veggie plants. While there [...]

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Grow Food All Year In The Walipini Underground Greenhouse

A friend of mine, who knows how passionate I am about growing food, recently sent me some wonderful green news about a Walipini underground greenhouse. Walipini is an Aymara Indian word which means "place of warmth." This greenhouse in the ground, a warm place, is constructed six to eight feet within the earth utilizing both [...]

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The Essentials of A Solar Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a wonderful environment full of oxygen and plant life. Whether you want to grow plants as a hobby, grow your own herbs, flowers and food or grow plants as a livelihood, you need a greenhouse. There are many different types of greenhouses you can buy to suit these needs, but many will [...]

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Greenhouse Designs

A greenhouse means you can garden all year round no matter what the weather conditions might be outside. One can have beautiful flowering plants, tomatoes, fresh greens and herbs and seedlings growing in every season. You will have a lovely, oxygen rich environment in which to enjoy your indoor gardening. You will increase your health [...]

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