For hundreds of years, man has sought to understand and explain himself and his world. While science has focused on the exterior evolution of seen evidence, spirituality has focused on the interior involution of unseen evidence. These different approaches have resulted in a polarized existence for mankind defined by separation. Either one believes in the theory of evolution or one believes in God or some Divine force. Thanks to both quantum physics and the spiritual movement, we are beginning to see the fusion of these two worlds. We are at last closing the gap between science and spirituality.

The spiritual journey is no longer the road less traveled. Humanity is awakening to the unseen forces which permeate the seen world of matter. We are poised to accept now more than ever before our role as spiritual beings having a human experience. The fusion of science and spirituality is the marriage of man’s laws and spirit’s laws. Mankind’s laws are limited while spiritual laws are boundless. To embrace a spiritual life is not to deny the evidence of science. To embrace the evidence of science is not to deny the evidence of spirit. Through both evolution and involution, we are welcoming the co-existence of spiritual science and the science of spirit.

In nature we find our greatest teacher to understand the laws of both man and spirit. Nature reveals both the science and spirit of our world. Our mistake is to see only one at the exclusion of the other. The spiritual laws of nature demand our study and respect. To impose man’s laws onto nature without the inclusion of spirit laws is mankind’s demise. For nature beats to the drum of spirit, and our hearts. The spiritual path includes, and transcends, the evidence of science.

Our current scientific evidence reveals there is way more going on than what we can see. The evidence points to a time and space connection between all life and living creatures beyond what the mind can grasp or explain. All living matter reveals a state of constant change defined by energy and vibration. Nothing is what it seems. We simply do not have all the answers. Our mystery ride requires faith in the unknown.

Dragonfly says trust in your own transformation. You are not alone.

For many people, scientific evidence of spirit is a prerequisite for belief in the unseen. Yet, spirituality is a leap of faith unencumbered by the known or the seen. This is its true power. It will be no surprise as science continues to provide evidence of spiritual laws deeply entrenched within us and the entire universe. Below is an amazing video interview in which Bruce Lipton talks about the convergence of science and spirit. Lipton states, ” Though I sought science as an alternate to accepting spiritual truths, lessons learned revealed that life was not an issue of science OR spirituality, it was an amalgam of science AND spirituality.” Thanks to the new science of Epigenetics, we are starting to understand the link between mind and matter, and the profound effects this connection has upon both our personal lives and also upon the collective. In short, the external world that science attempts to understand is not only a mirror reflection of the internal world of all life, but they exist in a co-creative symbiotic relationship rooted in spiritual frequencies. The messages we receive from our environment and the messages we radiate out into our environment shape our reality.