On a warm, New Mexico summer night in 2011, while I was working on my computer, a dragonfly flew in through the open door…then another…and another…and another. They kept coming. Within a few minutes, I was surrounded by dragonflies. Some were on top of my computer, some on my keyboard, some on my desk and some on me. I counted about twenty of them, but I know there were more. I sat still, stunned by this visitation. I then found myself typing into Google search the meaning of dragonfly. These winged creatures symbolize change, transformation, mystery, invisible realms, presence, acceptance, unity, new vision and more. Beyond this symbolism, I discovered their unique genetic coding that allows for their extraordinary transformation from an underwater nymph to an air soaring winged dragonfly. I was fascinated, intrigued, hooked. Within days, I created a blog called Dragonfly Symbolism. My extraordinary dragonfly visitation was clearly my calling for the time of the dragonfly.

In a matter of weeks, comment after comment began to fill my home page. These were not your ordinary comments.These were remarkable, heart warming, even heart wrenching, deep, insightful, curious and soulful stories. One by one, these stories were shared, similar to how the dragonflies appeared one by one. They also disappeared one by one that summer night until they were all gone.

Several months ago, this wonderful blog was invaded by hackers, a most unfortunate, and common, occurrence on the web today. I embraced this incident as an opportunity, and a sign, to rebuild and transform the site with a new vision for the times in which we are living: Dragonfly Times. I have been so touched and moved by the amazing stories people had shared about dragonflies, as well as by my own dragonfly visitation. I know now these delicate winged creatures have a message for mankind. It is my hope with this new blog I will be able to express this deeper understanding of the dragonfly as a metaphor for mankind’s potential transformation in these changing times. It is my prayer your journey throughout these pages will provide you with a gift: the gift to grow your own beautiful wings with which to gracefully fly upon these winds of change.

Mankind has always been confronting change. Change is the one true constant we can count on. Everything is energy, and this energy is always in motion. Change presents us with the unknown, a leap of faith that brings both exhilaration and fear. Change can happen rapidly and unexpectedly, or it can occur slowly. History reveals humanity’s evolution as a gradual transformation, yet it is marked for quantum leaps along the way. Many believe we have arrived at a tipping point wherein we can choose to rise up with the dragonfly out of the hidden, watery, emotional realms into the higher states of light and understanding, or remain in the shadows of devolution.

Our spirit is born into the womb of water like the nymph. We are imprinted by the water realm of emotions that carries with it an ancestral lineage and inheritance…our shadows. Our journey is to let go, to face the hidden fears of the shadow and grow the wings of our true, authentic self. It is the path of our individual transformation into union with the light within ourselves, and the thread of light in all humanity. It is a voyage within, beyond reason, religion, science, philosophy, government, teachers, gurus, books, education, careers, relationships, institutions and cultural beliefs. It is a return to the Divine fire burning inside each one of us, our own personal purpose and truth waiting to ignite our way out of the dark matrix and into the light. Our guide is ourselves, with every thought, word, feeling and action purified by opening our hearts to the gifts we carry inside. Our wings to fly rest upon our grateful acceptance of these sacred gifts.

The dragonfly is a messenger for these times. The message…go inside, find the gifts hidden in your cells, buried in your subconscious, make peace with your shadow, let go and let love activate your own generic coding to find the fearless freedom to fly.

Can you do this? Yes, you can, we all can. It is a choice waiting for us to make.