What does it mean to be a human being? Perhaps some people ask this question, and perhaps others do not. At some point, in some way, everyone, I think, asks this question. The answers will vary immensely from person to person. But what if there was just one answer, one truth, with which to understand what it means to be human. Many would claim this as impossible because humans are all so different. But at the core of our being, are we really all so different? We speak different languages, we wear different clothes, we eat different foods, we portray different colors, we celebrate different traditions and beliefs and we pray to different Gods. Yet, at our core, we all know tears, laughter, anger and fear. We are bound to one another beyond our differences by emotions. Thus, the emotional realm is the place to uncover this one answer, this one truth about what it means to be a human being. At the end of the day, it all comes down to feeling good or feeling bad. Embracing our emotions is key to personal transformation.

For hundreds and thousands of years, mankind’s emphasis for evolution has been focused on mental, physical and spiritual achievements. And while humanity has much to acknowledge in these accomplishments, our emotional well being remains an elusive challenge. Prescriptions for anti-depressants are at an all time high as is domestic and global violence, divorce, stress, suffering, poverty, hunger, greed, disease, deception and environmental destruction. Something is missing here. Despite all our conquests, we have failed to produce a world in which we all feel good.

My father once told me that I was an idealist; that I was not here on this earth to be happy and feel good; that life was difficult and I had to work hard to carve out at best a life in which I could sustain myself. I was a young, hopeful teenager excited by all the possibilities before me. I wanted to believe in the best. My father’s influence led me to believe that life would be a struggle. And I have beaten the drum of struggle for far too long. What do I believe after fifty-nine years on this planet? I believe we are indeed designed to be happy human beings here in our time on this earth; that our happiness, our joy, is paramount to creating the life we are meant to experience in these bodies as souls. We are in essence vibrational human beings: if we vibrate to feeling bad, life will become a struggle; if we vibrate to feeling good, life will be satisfying. It is that simple.

Everything is energy, swirling in an unseen vortex of pure vibration which holds the best of all we human beings can be, and all we desire for our happiness. Buddhism upholds the belief that our desires are the root cause of our suffering; give up the desires and you stop suffering over what you do not have. I would suggest there is nothing wrong with our desires, and we are here to sift through all that we want and do not want. If we can align with what we do want over perpetuating the vibration of what we do not want, what we desire can easily become a reality. We have within us the potential to create any world we want. We are powerful beyond measure. Yet our capacity to access and align with this power depends upon how we feel. If I am feeling bad, it is because I am entertaining negative thoughts; if I am entertaining negative thoughts, I am giving my power to my shadows, both personally and collectively; if I am living a shadow life, I cannot be living a life connected to the highest energy potential that is available to me and waiting for me. Thus, I will not feel good as I am in conflict with the truth of who I am and the illusions I am living. And if I do not feel good, I cannot access the flow of all source energy whose only purpose is to give us all our heart’s desires so we can become the best we are meant to be. Good vibrations really matter.

If we open our eyes, and allow all the wonder we perceive before us to penetrate into the depths of our being, we cannot help but feel good about the wonder and mystery of life: the beautiful oceans teeming with life; the star-studded, cosmic night sky; the incredible diversity of plant and animal life; the great canyons, forests, rivers and various eco-systems; our child’s first smile; the unconditional love of our dog; our friends and lovers devotion; and all the gifts nature and life bestow upon us. It is mankind’s erroneous thinking which causes us to feel bad. We are destroying so much of the beauty before us. And this makes us feel bad. We cannot afford to stop appreciating every moment, every breath, in exchange for negative, shadow thoughts.

We must believe in the invisible source energy which is responsible for all creation…an energy that cares about us and truly has our backs. We have been given through free will the capacity for emotional responses to our world. We get to choose. If we respond negatively, we will only attract more of what we do not want. If we respond positively, we will attract more and more of what we desire.To be a human being is to align vibrationally and emotionally with the life force which reflects back to us our ability to create beautiful, or uninviting, worlds.

We cannot align with nor receive the gifts of this life force if we feel bad. Our personal and collective shadows are present to help us discern what we do and do not want. If I do not want conflict in my life, then I choose to practice the peace I want instead. Our power is in putting our faith in what we do want, and trusting we can align with our heart’s desires through conscious creation. We seek personal transformation when we come up against what we do not want. We seek mentally, physically and spiritually when it is our emotions and our feelings which tell us how close or how far we are from aligning with the life we want.

We can choose to be happy, even for no reason; we can choose to think good thoughts which will raise our vibration, and allow us to overcome our shadows. Then we will effortlessly join all the beauty and positive vibrational energy embedded in all the life force. You will be it and it will be you. How you feel every day, every moment, will be your most reliable barometer for personal transformation. No amount of yoga, meditation, church going, silent retreats, vision quests, tarot readings, body work, spiritual workshops and searching outside yourself will matter unless it adds to your lasting joy. Allow yourself to feel all your feelings, and follow your joy for the path of least resistance.Your positive, and negative emotions, are your trusted guide in helping you become a human being capable of creating a beautiful world, of creating a slice of heaven on earth.

Dragonfly says we are in both an amazing and challenging time in which we are being called to leave the murky waters of our emotional dramas behind, and feel the joy of our iridescent wings with which to fly…no matter what.