The Fibonacci sequence correlates to a golden ratio which describes the predictable growth in living things as well as the behavior of many natural systems. The formula for this arrangement presents us with a refined simplicity while simultaneously revealing a world of complex and abstract thoughtful creativity. This simple sequence begins with the number one with each subsequent number being the sum of the two previous numbers:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 and so on into infinity. This order of numbers is embedded in mathematics, science, art, nature and the human body…and perhaps even in the soul.

This number progression was named after Leonardo Bigollo, a Medieval mathematician from Pisa, Italy who happened to have the nickname Fibonacci which means “son of a simpleton“. Fibonacci traveled as a boy with his merchant father to North Africa, and discovered this simple numeral system to be superior to the Roman numeral system. He eventually traveled the world to gather more information which resulted in his influential book.

While modern day applications include numerous computer algorithms, the Fibonacci sequence is more commonly understood by its consistent appearance in the natural world. It can be found in nature’s designs of sunflowers, rose petals, unfurling ferns, starfish, sea shells, animal horns, dolphins, tree branches, leaf stems, pine cones, pineapples, snail shells, dragonfly wings and humans. Clearly, something magical is at work here.

What I find interesting in the sequence is the number 55 which corresponds to the 55 Gene Key called the Dragonfly’s Dream. This gene key represents mankind’s move from the shadow of victimization to both the gift and highest expression of freedom. It is likened unto the dragonfly’s life as a nymph beneath the murky water, and its inevitable metamorphosis into a beautiful winged creature. The 55 Gene Key reveals each person’s unique genetic sequence which affirms the unfolding of our true nature. Just as the Fibonacci sequence reveals the predictability of growth in all living things, the 64 Gene Keys indicate a hidden DNA sequence within humanity whose purpose is to trigger the awakening of mankind. Numbers appear to hold powerful secrets.

The Fibonacci procession extends beyond the Gene Keys in being an infinite sequence which represents all that is eternal. Numbers are everywhere, and thus, everything is part of a pattern which is likely to repeat itself. We could say life itself is a fractal with endless reflections upon reflections. Numbers in nature may well be pointing to a hidden mystery wherein the evolutionary destiny of humanity is revealed as the Fibonacci dragonfly dream.

I simply had to post this wonderful video. At about the 2 minute and 56 second mark, you will witness some of the most magnificent images of a dragonfly I have ever seen. Dragonfly says humanity is destined for beauty and freedom. Enjoy the ride!