Over the last thirty years, there has been a tremendous rise in the interest of spiritual growth. Today, it is quite common to hear someone openly discuss the path of their spiritual journey and growth. Many great writers at the forefront of this spiritual movement have significantly contributed to our awareness and understanding of a spiritual path by sharing their own. When I was 28 years old, my mother gave me Scott Peck’s book, The Road Less Traveled. I soaked up his words like a sponge, and thus began my insatiable thirst for the mysteries of the spirit. Over the next decade and beyond, I read most of the significant spiritual books to hit the market. I followed my bliss with Joseph Campbell, replaced religion with the Course In Miracles, tried to heal my life with Louis Hay, returned to love with Marianne Williamson, delved into mysteries with Deepak Chopra, grounded the seat of my soul with Gary Zukav, explored past lives with Brian Weiss, worked on my dreams and abundance with Wayne Dyer, creatively visualized and affirmed life with Shakti Gawain, embraced conscious evolution with Barbara Marx Hubbard and learned to live in the power of now with Eckhart Tolle.

Whew! I should be walking on water by now.

I had changed…and those changes became most apparent at cocktail parties where I desperately tried to steer shallow conversation into more depth, only to find myself the recipient of peculiar stares and comments. Not everyone was interested in the unseen mysteries of spirit. I was walking the road less traveled.

In 1996 I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and began a new life in the land of enchantment. When I over heard people talking about astrology and shamanism in the grocery line, I knew I had found my tribe. It was not long before I was learning about the chakras and energy healing, studying the Human Design and astrology, participating in Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, becoming an Ashtanga yogini, dancing to African drums and traveling through Peru with a shaman. Though I was exposed to and experienced many spiritual paths, I resonated most deeply with energy healing. The exploration of myself as an energy being turned my attention inward, and opened doors to new worlds. Over time, I uncovered a gift I had to see chakras moving in people. I used my artistic ability to draw them in an effort to give people a visual for the unseen forces at work within them. I relied on my accumulated wisdom and intuition to interpret the energy flow of the chakras. I chose not to turn this gift into a profession for at the time, I refused to accept an exchange of money. I offered this work as a gift, and received my own gift of deeper understanding from doing the work. My life path was an artist, and to this I stayed true.

I share all this with you because once we embark on the path of spiritual growth, we become seekers…seekers of truth. Many people do not want to call themselves seekers for it implies one is lost. Yet, in truth, none of us have all the answers to life’s questions. Sometimes the more we seek to know, the less we know. At best, we each hope to find a truth that enables us to live the life we desire to the best of our ability. And that truth can be different for everyone. We are wise to caution against a truth we find for ourselves must therefore be a truth for everyone else. For some, the practice of Buddhism brings the peace they seek while for another the knowledge of Astrology is their helpful guide. Perhaps inevitably, each person’s path or truth will lead to the same destination. To this end, I believe there are common truths we all share. One of these truths is that all life is vibrational energy. Everything is vibrating to a frequency: plants, flowers, animals, stones, water, music, food and our feelings. I propose no matter what spiritual path we choose, if any, our understanding of vibration is key to uncovering our true destiny.

By the time each of us has ripened to the age of 21, we have established our own core beliefs about ourselves and life, whether we are conscious of this or not. From the time of our birth to age 7, we are emotionally imprinted, from the ages of 7 to 14 we are mentally imprinted and from the ages of 14 to 21 we are physically imprinted. At age 21, our basic core beliefs are in place, ready to be lived, tested, questioned, affirmed, trashed, challenged and changed. Our experiences will all vary based on these personal perceptions: some of us will find the world safe and exciting while others will find it fearful: some of us will be overflowing with confidence and enthusiasm while others will lack self-esteem and be bored; some of us will love our bodies and some of us will have issues: some of us will feel lovable and others will not. Some of our core beliefs are clear and accessible for guiding our life while some of those beliefs are buried deep in the subconscious mind unknowingly guiding our life. It is these hidden perceptions that are responsible for us waking up one day to a life that is not working as we hoped. We can spend months and years mentally, even emotionally, trying to unravel and make sense of our disillusionment, or we can reverse engineer with the acceptance of what is, and begin to trust our feelings, our vibrations as a guide in response to life.

Our core beliefs are born from our perceptions, our perceptions are our sensory responses to our immediate environment which translate into our vibrations that determine our thoughts. If our sensory responses to life result in good vibrations, not only will we have good thoughts, butter good vibrations will attract more of the same. Few of us have escaped sensory perceptions which result in lower frequencies and vibrations. It is these lower frequencies which attract difficulties into our lives.

If we can understand and feel ourselves as energy beings, and place our focus on sensing and receiving all the good vibrations life has to offer, in spite of all that is negative around us, then we can raise our vibration. When we do so, the doors will open for higher vibrations to magically walk in. When we attune ourselves to good vibrations, we will find ourselves letting go of everything that does not match these frequencies, everything that simply does not feel good. We cannot live our lives as spiritual beings having a human experience without understanding ourselves as vibrational beings. The success of our spiritual growth depends upon our ability, like the dragonfly, to grow wings and fly at higher vibrations. Our sensory experiences carry us on the emotional waves of life. We need not fear drowning nor being lost on our path if we can open our hearts to the flow of good vibrations for our spiritual growth.