Many of us have come to understand that we create our own reality, and this reality is unique to every individual based upon each person’s perception. In other words, whatever thoughts we entertain in the mind manifest into our external world as what is real for us. As sensory beings, we are constantly collecting data from our external environment, and then akin to computers, we process all this data into thoughts and a reality which makes sense to us. It is virtually impossible for all of us to reach the same conclusions about reality when the amount of data tends towards information overload, and when much of this information is not correct. In fact, much of what we have chosen to believe as true is false. It is time for a new age of perception correction.

While I could go into depth here with a long list of the perceptions which need correction, I will allow the article below to provide these insights. We all know from life experience that any group discussion regarding perception correction would become a heated debate. Thus, the true journey into the correction of our perceptions is a solo voyage into the inner realms of our personal beliefs. While it seems the path of humanity is a social one wherein we gather to agree collectively on what is true, our attempts rarely come to fruition when the greater good for all is at stake. Rather, we choose our separate stance, cluster into the comfort of like-minded communities and opt not to rock the boat. But in this way, we stop asking the crucial questions needed to bring about change…for all humanity.

When we stop asking the questions both individually and collectively, we are moving into dangerous territory. The issues humanity faces today are no longer confined to our little corners of the world, but are now serious global issues that affect all of us everywhere. Each person’s response to the critical challenges we face are varied based on their perceptions: some are too overwhelmed and paralyzed to act; some are digging deeper into the beliefs they know must be true; some are passionately speaking out and defending a cause. Do we dare say there is a right way to confront these challenges? When all of humanity can agree that our global government leaders are psychopaths leading us down the wrong road, there will be a ray of hope given to each of us to examine, within, our own perceptions of what is true and what is false. Only in this way, as each individual comes face to face with this own inner light and divine empowerment untainted by false perceptions, can we collectively distinguish the truth from the lies. For all of our own inner perceptions have long been contaminated by those in power.

I recently stumbled upon this website, I have yet to find online anything which compares to the quality of the words spoken here with such clarity, depth and understanding. It is a long read and so, so worth it.


The End of Conspiracy

—Looking beyond outdated perspectives

John Smith—01/2010

HUMANS’ GREATEST STRENGTH is also their greatest weakness — their enormous diversity of thoughts, feelings, preferences and psychology. This diversity means that humans are not equal in many respects. Yes, we are abstractly equal from a human rights point of view and perhaps in the eyes of God — we have the same intrinsic value — but in reality we are not equal in practically all facets of our existence and function. This diversity is both inherited and a consequence of large variance in life experience (especially early life experience).

Right now, on this planet, there are humans who dedicate their whole lives to helping the poor and the suffering; and there are humans who murder children without a second thought for sexual gratification. Two extremes; one species. That is what is so strange about human beings, and what makes human incarnations so fascinating and challenging: humans can be anything from saints to devils, a diversity that is present not only in the population as a whole but also potentially in each individual.

It is this diversity that makes human society so disharmonious. For example, there will always be individuals who are more greedy, more ruthless, more aggressive, more power-hungry, more unethical than others, and humans with these qualities will invariably work the system to their advantage, and to everyone else’s disadvantage. (A person who plays outside of society’s rules has a great advantage, at least in the short term, over someone who sticks to the social and legal rules.)

When human society denies human diversity, preferring to structure itself on the comforting but fallacious concept that all humans are equal, this blind over-conceptualization facilitates certain elements of human diversity, such as those with a psychological disposition to crave control of, power over, and the destruction of others. Humans are so afraid of inequality that we have suffocated ourselves with strong human rights legislation that places everyone (even corporations) on the same equal footing in the eyes of the law. We have become a civilization obsessed with equality, because we believe that inequality is at the root of much of our social ills and abuse.

When certain sets of human characteristics are considered more intrinsically worthy than other sets, this catalyses separation in society and foments hatred and abuse. This is why racism and sexism, for example, are seen as undesirable in a harmonious multicultural society. They are not helpful to social cohesion.

[Racism can and has been useful for social cohesion in a society that is largely racially and culturally homogeneous, but it brings other problems that can eventually destroy that society.]

White races are not intrinsically superior to black races; to believe otherwise is racist. And men are not intrinsically superior to women; to believe otherwise is sexist. (The reverse of these statements obviously apply as well.) Such value judgements are generally used to focus and express feelings of fear and hatred. However, it is important not to throw out the baby with the bath water: we may reject inequality from a value judgement point of view, but that does not mean that we blind ourselves to diversity.

Opposition to racism and sexism should never hide the diversity that exists between black races and white races, and males and females. If it does, then the rich diversity of human characteristics are downgraded to a universal subset that end up denying much of the human experience. And we all suffer as a result of this sort of conceptual sanitization, because denial of diversity, like denial of anything, causes psychological rebellion and dissonance. And psychological dissonance is not a recipe for a peaceful and harmonious society!

So equality legislation that discourages the perception of diversity in favour of a homogenous concept of human beings can actually cause more problems than it fixes. But the most pressing concern regarding the denial of human differences has to do with pathological psychological states such as psychopathy and sociopathy.

It is estimated that 1% of of our population are psychopaths and that a further 4% of the population are sociopaths. Both have very similar characteristics except that psychopaths are born with their disorder (there is evidence that it is a genetic disposition as it runs in families) whereas sociopaths are the product of abusive social environments. These two disorders tend to be lumped together under the term Antisocial Personality Disorder. Exact figures are hard to come by and researchers give different percentages, but they are all around this mark (although many believe that the percentages may be higher). For reasons not entirely known, the ratio of psychopathic men to women being around 4:1 and possibly higher (this leads some genetic researchers to believe that this mental illness might involve a genetic flaw on the Y-chromozome).

Both psychopaths and sociopaths tend to have the following traits [source Wikipedia], which fall into two groups: those associated with aggressive narcissism, and those associated with a corresponding socially deviant lifestyle.

Aggressive narcissism

  1. Glibness/superficial charm
  2. Grandiose sense of self-worth
  3. Pathological lying
  4. Cunning/manipulative
  5. Lack of remorse or guilt
  6. Emotionally shallow
  7. Callous/lack of empathy
  8. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

Socially deviant lifestyle

  1. Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
  2. Parasitic lifestyle
  3. Poor behavioral control
  4. Promiscuous sexual behavior
  5. Lack of realistic, long-term goals
  6. Impulsiveness
  7. Irresponsibility
  8. Juvenile delinquency
  9. Early behavioral problems
  10. Revocation of conditional release

Traits not correlated with either factor

  1. Many short-term marital relationships
  2. Criminal versatility

It is interesting to see from the above list of characteristics that the main personality traits of psychopaths and sociopaths are basically those of (aggressive) narcissists. This is because pathological narcissism and psychopathy/sociopathy are related conditions. Many psychologists would add megalomania into this mix as well, as megalomania also seems to be a facet of psychopathic/sociopathic disorders. (All this terminology is somewhat arbitrary as the classification of psychological types and disorders is not an exact science by any stretch of the imagination. But such classifications are useful for the purpose of examining aspects of society.)

So, for example, psychopathic politicians like George W. Bush and Tony Blair, who manipulated the US and the UK into wars on the back of deliberate intelligence distortion, also happen to have highly narcissistic personalities. Interestingly, because of his lower power status to Bush, Blair shows the classic sycophantic behaviour of the psychopath faced with a power greater than his own. (Psychopaths are fixated on power, wealth and fame, and regularly associate with anyone in these categories.)

Taking into consideration that 5% of the population are defined to be pathological in this regard (1% – psychopaths; 4%-sociopaths) this means that there may be as many as 335 million psychopaths and sociopaths in the world today: around 15 million of which are in the USA; 3 million in the UK; and 1 million in Australia. These individuals, mostly men, are not good for society, but because society is blinded by ‘equal rights’ legislation, it is not legal for society to discriminate against these individuals and put restrictions on what positions of responsibility and power they can potentially achieve.

Because psychopaths and sociopaths are so ruthless in their goals, and are often so superficially charming at the same time — a charm which hides a dangerous grandiose sense of self-importance — they tend to gravitate quite deliberately, forcibly and manipulatively to positions in society which validate that perceived self-importance. In other words, psychopaths and sociopaths are attracted to positions of power, just as moths at night are attracted to light. And as these power-craving individuals have a ruthlessness which sees them prepared to sacrifice anything and anyone who stands in their way, they are far more likely to achieve their goals then those without those ruthless characteristics. This is why the vast majority of politicians and corporate leaders are those with strong psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies — those who have ruthlessly fought their way to the top and then, wherever possible, stayed in those positions of power down through family-line generations (remember that these pathologies tend to run in families both through genetics and upbringing).

You could think of this as a natural selection process for psychological types: those that are most suited to the pathological dog-eat-dog world of politics and corporate leadership are those that are psychologically pathological, and it is these individuals that have a higher survival probability. Whereas those with big hearts and high integrity soon find themselves out of their comfort zone in a hostile and ruthless environment, and so tend to drop out from the race to power/leadership positions.

So we live in a world controlled by psychopaths and sociopaths. This cannot be dismissed as conspiracy theory; it is the work of mainstream Polish academics who used firsthand experience of Nazi occupation of Poland during the Second World War to study pathological psychological states and their effect on society. Many of these academics literally risked their lives (many lost their lives) working on this research.

So the very people who have power, who want power, are the very people who should not have access to it. If you are attracted to power, you are the type of person most likely to abuse it. This means that anyone who has risen to a leadership role in our free society, i.e. anyone who has successfully fought their way to the top, is more likely to be expressing psychopathic or sociopathic tendencies. And when generations of our leaders have been and continue to be pathological, society itself becomes increasingly pathological. That means you and me.

And a society that is pathological breeds more sociopaths, so that in the end we have the system spirals down into disfunction, with people in Western societies becoming increasingly unhappy and the distribution of wealth (and power) becoming increasingly uneven, leading to further misery BOTH for the rich and the poor, for those with power and those without power. Capitalism, a system that pits one person or group of people against another in a highly competitive and winner-takes-all strategy, is a natural expression of this pathology… and if truth be told there is actually no winner. (And I am not advocating another form of society like communism or socialism, which in their way are just as brutal and pathologizing. I am only describing some of the limitations and dangers of our current capitalistic system that research clearly shows brings unhappiness to the vast majority of people.) [For more on the negative aspect of modern capitalism and consumerism on psychological health, read Oliver James’ excellent book Affluenza.]

History bears testimony to leaders who dragged their nations into wars and conflicts unwanted by the people. Even the great God described in the Bible, the Torah and the Koran is a raving psychopath, murdering countless men, women and children because they would not worship Him or because they broke one of His laws. We make our gods in our own image, or more accurately our own image of authority, and so these religions are a sad reflection of an abusive past.

And that core of psychopathy that blights humanity continues into the modern world. In 2003, for example, nearly 3,000 protests involving 36 million people took place around the world protesting the imminent invasion of Iraq. The vast majority of people around the world, and even in the United States with its distorting media monopoly, wanted a peaceful resolution. But the US government, along with a handful of small sycophantic Allies like the UK government (certainly not the people), had its own agenda and invaded anyway, murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children in the process, and putting the lives of our soldiers and future generations at risk for no legitimate or legal reason. (This is on top of unlawful Iraqi sanctions that cost the lives of up to a million or more Iraqis, mostly children.)

Society today is becoming less caring and more fragmented and aggressive. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, because dog-eat-dog is the psychopathic perception and therefore becomes acceptable behaviour. Society has adopted psychopathic/sociopathic values. Just look at the list of psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies above and see how many apply to society as a whole. We fight each other in the workplace for survival, fighting for promotions and larger wages; we spend our lives trying to climb the social ladder, trying to be better than our neighbours; we worship professional narcissists like actors, singers and models, with their superficial charm and inauthenticity; we spend our lives in front of our televisions to insulate ourselves from a direct inner experience; and we blame everyone else but ourselves when things go wrong. (We cannot live in a pathological society and avoid becoming pathological ourselves, unless we are outsiders — rebels who make an active effort to define what goes on in our hearts and minds, rather than being subjugated by the reactive thoughts and feelings that are par for the course for 99% of the population.)

And the situation is getting worse as power is increasingly being consolidated into the hands of those who are driven to abuse it for their own ends. Europe is fast becoming a new fascist superstate, only 65 years on from the failed military attempt by the Nazis who, having learned from their earlier failure, are taking a much more palatable economic route to that same fascist superstate, and this time taking it so slow, over decades, to minimize alarm. And this time there is none of the morally reprehensible racism and overt nationalism that scuppered their previous attempt. But a fascist-superstate is what Europe will shortly become (some say that it is here already).

And the same scale of power consolidation is taking place behind the scenes in North America, where there are plans to merge Canada, the United States and Mexico into one similar superstate (the North American Union). Power consolidation plans are also in place in other parts of the world, so that all nations will soon be swallowed up by five superstates, which will in turn coalesce eventually into a single global tyranny.

To an ordinary, relatively normal human being, such tyranny is deeply troubling and reprehensible. But to a psychopath or sociopath, such tyranny is Heaven on Earth. In fact, a strong hierarchical enslaved society, built on fear and unyielding control mechanisms, is the utopia that those who thrive on manipulation are visioning. We only have to look at the barrage of new laws and red tape, often put forward for our ‘protection’, that are suffocating what was once considered a free society; how a manufactured boom-and-bust cycles are transferring more and more wealth to the hands of those that own the banking industry; how the pharmaceutical and food industries are not only destroying our health but keeping us unhealthy for their profit; and how the mass media is dumbing down society so that it can no longer discern slavery from freedom.

As psychopathy is probably as old as humanity itself, this process of power consolidation stretches back into the dawn of human history, where we see a long line of monarchs, emperors and other leaders creating ruthless hierarchical structures that parasited off enslaved working people. Much of this power consolidation was visible for all to see, until the invention of democracy by a few enlightened souls meant that this control had to be hidden behind a curtain so that it was not seen to clash with new societies based on the illusion of freedom and democracy. And now we have global communication technology that is being used to to accelerate and globalize this power consolidation.

Below are a selection of documentaries that show how psychopathic leaders have controlled humanity down through much of its history, manipulating it for their own ends. Power positions tend to pass down through bloodlines because psychopathy and sociopathy tend to run in families due to both a genetic inherited factor (usually through the male line for psychopathy) and dysfunctional upbringing. The details in these documentaries differ a little because each uncovers conspiracy from its own unique angle, but overall the information is the same. It would seem that those that control us are in the process of bringing in a ‘new world order’ in which they become ultimate global leaders and rest of the human race become their slaves.

Feel a bit depressed after seeing some or all of those documentaries? You are not alone. In fact the vast majority of people cannot accept any of the above information, dismissing it as ‘conspiracy theory’, because the realization that our leaders are working so strongly against the interests of the people who elected them is too shocking and depressing for most to acknowledge. It is far easier to believe in our proud flag-worshiping nations, Mama’s apple pie, caring leaders who protect us from evil Muslim terrorists, and economic/political unification specifically for the purposes of peace and prosperity. This lie is so comforting, it is such a strong opiate, that few have the ability to see it for what it is — a lie.

The truth, however, is that the psychopaths are running the asylum — they always have — and using technological globalization they are turning the world into an Orwellian nightmare to satisfy their pathological desires. It is not in your interest or my interest for nations to be swallowed up into superstates and finally into a one-world government; it is not in your interest or my interest for the mainstream media to be owned by just a handful of multinational corporations hoodwinking us into overlooking this global and economic agendas; it is not in your interest or my interest for us to use the privately controlled fiat money system; it is not in your interest or my interest for our governments to take away our freedoms under the pretext that they are protecting us from Moslem extremists; it is not in your interest or my interest for GMO foods to go unlabeled, polluting the natural gene pool forever; it is not in your interest or my interest for the orthodox medical and pharmaceutical industries to have any monopoly on healthcare; and it is not in your interest or my interest for our governments to invade foreign countries and murder millions of people, either directly or via sanctions.

Today, our leaders have become much more skilled at hiding psychopathy, whilst quietly passing laws that consolidate power, all in the name of social progress and efficiency, and of course our safety. And all the while we are being socially engineered into smaller and smaller family units so that the social cohesion that counteracts psychopathy is eroded.

Those who govern us keep us in perpetual war, whether it is perpetual war against a specific country like Russian and Iran, or perpetual war against a shadowy group of terrorists (currently labelled Al Qaida). They do this because terror is unfortunately the best tool for control, and so governments who manufacture terror are able to justify draconian laws that strip away our freedoms — all in the name of public safety. What sounds reasonable, therefore, is actually just another step to a hellish future. Just look at how many people were so terrified after 9-11 that openly welcomed the USA Patriot Act, and similar anti-terrorist laws in other countries, despite these laws taking away civil liberties that many of their own grandparents and great grandparents had literally fought and died for. Frightened people are quite happy to welcome in an Orwellian world, because they believe that a strong government will save them. Unfortunately, strong governments ALWAYS end up abusing the people they profess to protect. And anyway, safety should not be pitted against liberty: as Benjamin Franklin wrote, ‘They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’

And those who wish to control every aspect of human society target human diversity first and foremost (the vary diversity that gave rise to their own psychopathy in the first place). After all, a diverse society is much harder to control. So the psychological norm becomes uniformly psychopathic, whilst our sense of diversity and individuality is superficialized by projecting it on fashion, music, sport, our Facebook profiles and tweets. In this way we become slaves who think we are free because we have superficial choice. We feel in control because we can chose our own hair style, we can chose which MP3 player to buy, which music to play, which football team to support, our Facebook ‘friends’ and which TV channel to watch.

But can we choose a different type of government or financial system? Can we choose to limit the destructiveness of multinational corporations? Can we choose full access to alternative health treatments? Can we choose not to have our taxes being used to wage wars, to subsidize multinational corporations and for military black projects? Can we choose to opt out of centralized multinational government control such as the EU or North American Alliance? Can we choose to lift the red tape that all small businesses are drowning in? Can we choose to stop government interfering in local politics for no good reason? Can we choose to grow and sell our own food in our local communities, unmolested by government and big business? Unfortunately, the answer to those questions is no. Important choices are not choices that have been given to us because our pathological leaders do not want us to be able to challenge their lucrative systems of control. As a consequence, these important choices have become focus of popular campaigns and protests.

Waking up to the Reality of Psychopathy

Whilst society is being pushed into this pathological corner, people are waking up everywhere to the reality of this pathology. Whereas just a decade or two ago it was largely unseen, and its effects accepted as the way things were, today this pschopathy has become a main focus of the alternative media. (The mainstream media is the voice-piece of our psychopathic controllers, which is why alternative news and ideas outlets have become the only place you can get real news and comment these days.)

The pathology of our leaders is becoming more and more obvious to the ordinary man and woman in the street. Their PR smiles, charm offensives and baby-holding photos look increasingly hollow as we are becoming aware of the duplicity of these individuals. Our vision of authority is changing, and we are no longer tolerant of the amoral behaviour of our leaders. Anyone with an ounce of consciousness can see that George Bush and Tony Blair are psychopaths, but how many can see those tendencies in the likes of Barack Obama and David Cameron? They may seem like a breath of fresh air, indeed both were elected on platforms of change, but both continue the same psychopathic policies, and both support the same psychopathic special interest groups and institutions that their predecessors did. [Obama’s election is very positive from a race point of view, but apart from that it is sadly business as usual. In fact, his racial heritage and eloquent manner — the complete opposite of Bush’s — makes government duplicity harder to spot.]

As society starts to wake up to its own pathology, we start to understand why the great superpower psychopathic systems have caused so much devastation on so many levels, both in our own countries and abroad. We realize that powerful nations have toxic foundations.

That toxicity is being exposed by important whistle blowing individuals and organisations, the highest profile of which is currently a website called Wikileaks. This organisation, and others like it, reveal to us how the men and women that we elect conspire against their own citizens and against the citizens of other countries. They conspire and conspire and conspire, in a dance of wicked deception. If we truly want to rout out evil, if we want our children to live their lives in a society more enlightened and democratic than the one we are currently living in, then we have a duty to support organisations like Wikileaks, so that the corruption of those we place in government, and those who head the corporate world, is exposed for everyone to see. But to argue that exposing truth is somehow damaging our nations is to be complicit with psychopathic agendas.

But it is not just whistle-blowers that are bringing our attention to the pathology of our leaders and the society which they help to structure. At this time in human history, we seem to be naturally becoming more conscious of this pathology, to such a degree that it is often labelled as an ‘awakening’. We are waking up to the psychopathy all around us; we are waking up to the fact that most of the belief systems society takes for granted are suffocating and decaying; we are waking up to the fact that we are not so powerless because the front line in battle for our control is in our own minds.

At the same time as this awakening is happening, an equal and opposite force of oppression and suppression is taking grip on the human race. The mainstream media is trying to bury this awakening under an avalanche of consumerism, greed, aggression, banality, sexuality and inertia, to the point whereby minds are dumbed down and consciousness restricted. There is an all out war to suppress our awakening because those who crave power know that if/when that awakening happens, they will be out of a job.

Which way will it go? Will we open to reveal a new light or will the forces of darkness close us down before this can happen?

Factors influencing the opening of consciousness

There are a number of scenarios which will ensure that consciousness blows open, assuring the awakening of the human race:

  1. The awakening process of the human race gathers so such momentum that nothing is able to stop the process.
  2. Environmental disaster due to natural causes such as volcanos, earthquakes and overpopulation, and artificial causes consumption, war and pollution, persades the stuggling human race to ditch its psychopathic leaders.
  3. Implementation of a social program of mass psychological testing to label those individuals who should never be given any positions of power.
  4. Mass adoption of an alternative interest-free money system owned and controlled by the people.
  5. Divine intervention by a non-psychopathic God or Gods. (This therefore excludes the God of Islam, Judaism and Old Testament Christianity.)
  6. Arrival of an non-psychopathic alien race of beings, either from another planet or from another dimension, which would immediately supplant Earth-based power.

Of these, the first is considered by many the most likely, although it is anyone’s guess how this mass awakening will play out. The second scenario is unlikely to happen — it is far more probable that environmental destruction or perceived environmental destruction will be used by those in positions of power to justify even greater control. The third scenario would be blocked by human rights legislation and open to abuse — after all, who decides which of us is pathological? — the psychopaths would end up using such a program to get rid of their opponents. The forth would require awakening in the first place and so is secondary to the first scenario. And as for the other two, who knows? There is certainly evidence of divine and alien intervention at previous times in human history — read, for example, the researcher Zecharia Sitchin.

This is the point at which most peddlers of conspiracy theory stop. Whilst hoping that humanity will wake up to what is going on and put a stop to it through what is left of democratic people-power, and by passive resistance (some advocate active resistance), most would probably agree that such collective revolution against those that wish to control us is unlikely. The controllers hold too many key positions — such as the media and the money system. Control the mainstream media and you control the reality perceived by the majority of people; control the money system and you effectively make the majority slaves to that system. Together, these tools for control bind humanity in a suffocating head-lock.

But there is another way, but one that is laughed at by most people. Before, we look at that, however, it is timely to have a quick look at conspiracy and conspiracy theory more generally.

Conspiracy and Conspiracy Theory

This article started off with a more psychological approach to conspiracy theory — the natural tendency for psychopaths to seek out positions of power — because this perspective is less likely to trigger the knee-jerk rejection that most people have to anything that remotely smacks of conspiracy or conspiracy theory. After all, psychopathy as an explanation for the abuses of power is the consequence of detailed and long-standing academic research. But this is still regarded by many as conspiracy nonetheless.

The dictionary definition of the word conspire is “to plot or scheme together”. It is derived from con – together, and spirare – to breath: so conspirators are those that ‘breath together’. And the definition for conspiracy is “the act of conspiring; a banding together for (often secret and usually unlawful) purpose; a plot”. This is taken further with the phrase conspiracy theory which has a negative connotation, defined as “a belief that unexplained misfortune is invariably caused by the deliberate action of powerful agencies”. [Source Chambers Dictionary]

Unfortunately, dismissing activities of groups of people who plot secretly together as ‘conspiracy theory’ is a standard method most people use to decrease the unsavoury implications, because the term ‘conspiracy theory’ is disparaging — it is generally regarded as the imaginings of paranoid minds, and conspiracists are publicly derided — a bit of a joke like the closet alcoholic. And yet, history is one long catalog of instances where groups of people have covertly plotted together for their own ends; conspiracy has been the modus operandi of humankind, and continues to be. Nobody can doubt that, and yet, conspiracy is still strangely mocked.

The actual problem with conspiracy theory is not that conspiracy itself is unbelievable, it is the problem in determining which conspiracies or which parts of conspiracies are true, and which are either figments of a paranoid imagination or deliberate disinformation. Unfortunately, evidence to the contrary for any conspiracy theory can be dismissed as part of the conspiracy — ‘they would say that wouldn’t they!’ — so one can find oneself in a hall of mirrors when trying to validate particular conspiracies and aspects of conspiracy. But this does not mean that conspiracy does not form the foundation of the society in which we live — the whole of modern society is set up on an ‘us vs them’ psychological outlook where individuals, companies, governments — you name it — are all making quiet plans together for their own advantage. In individuals it is called politics; in businesses it is called Capitalism and involves using financial clout to manipulate both the people and government; in governments it is called protecting national interests which usually translates to the financial interest of those at the top of the ruling party.

Only someone very naive would believe that those who control the banks, the multinational corporations, the mass media and the governments do not conspire to enrich and empower themselves. After all, even simple media exposure to get PR for a new product is the result of groups of individuals who have conspired together to make maximum media impact, impact which they hope will manipulate people into buying their new product. Without secrecy, without hiding selfish agendas, without subliminal messages and other marketing (propaganda) techniques, realizing these schemes becomes less likely, especially if those agendas only benefit a small subset of people, and are perhaps unbeneficial for the majority.

For example, the decision to make labelling for genetically modified organisms illegal in the United States is of huge benefit to those who produce GMO foods, because that way the public are denied the ability to reject modified ‘food’. That legislation was the result of the biotech companies conspiring with the FDA to pass a legislation that protects the profits of a few, at the expense of the choice and ultimately health of the many. (You don’t have to be Einstein to realize that the FDA’s agendas have little to do with public health.)

There are numerous books, videos and internet sites where you can read about the conspiracies being spun by governments, big business and other organizations. Even if a just a small percentage of these conspiracies are a reality and not the product of paranoid minds, human society is in BIG trouble.

Of course, you are always going to get ‘super-conspiracists’ who regard almost every major event in human history as the product of a massive conspiracy that controls absolutely every aspect of society. One of the highest profile conspiracists today is UK writer, lecturer and researcher, David Icke, who has put together every conspiracy going into one large super-conspiracy in which alien reptiles control the psychopaths who control the banking and government systems that then enslave the people.

Icke is by no means the only conspiracist with this grand perception of the world and of the enslavement of human society, but he has one of the highest profiles. Only a decade ago he was publicly derided for his outlandish claims, but today, he lectures worldwide to packed audiences eager to hear his new discoveries, insights and theories — such is the public’s new fascination and acceptance of conspiracy theory. It certainly appears that we are all becoming more open to the possibility (probability) of a foundation of conspiracy that underlies human society. People no longer find it hard to believe that our leaders would conspire against us — especially after they have been caught by the media in lie after lie after lie, and society is fast waking up to the fact that much of government activity is not in the interest of the people at all, but in the interest of a small minority which profits in one way or another from controlling and influencing the majority. [Politicians are paid handsomely by this minority whilst in office and when they move on to the boards of large corporations as reward of the favours they pulled during office.]

Conspiracy theory is becoming mainstream, despite the efforts of the mass media to continue to try to make fun of it. People are realizing what, just a few decades ago, they would literally have been unable to imagine because their worldview was just too narrow and their trust in authority just a little too blind. People’s eyes are now opening; the human race is waking up.

The End of Conspiracy

There is one thing about conspiracy theory, however, that seems to have been overlooked, and that is that it is based on an out-dated Newtonian model of the world, where separate objects interact with each other on a 4-dimensional stage (three spacial dimensions and one temporal dimension). After all, you can only really conspire if you have separation from what you are conspiring against. If the world is holistically/holographically interconnected — a point of view becoming increasingly popular by scientists trying to make sense of modern physics — then this would imply the end of conspiracy. This is because onspiracy is an anathema to holism.

If we live in a world of separate objects where minds are strictly separate from physical reality, then becoming more aware of those trying to control us may be superficially beneficial but would not be effective at changing society. This is because, even if a significant percentage of people change their thinking, not having the opportunity to make real choices due to our rigged political system we foolishly mistake for democracy means that this awakening is unlikely to find full expression. Our psychopathic leaders now have laws against civil disobedience, and mass civil control plans are on hold, and many civic detention centers built so that any sort of revolution or rebellion can and will be stifled.

In other words, from a Newtonian worldview we are fucked.

But, if separation is an illusion and the world is actually holistically/ holographically connected, a point of view shared by mystics, enlgihtened masters, philosophers and leading-edge scientists, then this would mean that those who control us are actually part of us — they are not ‘outside’ us but ‘inside’ us. They are an integral part of us… and we are an integral part of them. So if we wish to rid ourselves of their control — if we wish to become truly free — then we have to first become free in ourselves. After all, ‘in ourselves’ is the only place real change can actually foment. From this perspective, the psychopathic (reptilian) behaviour that damages the world and destroys life is within all of us — we all have to face up to our own psychopathy and reptilian behaviour.

As long as we point a finger to other groups of people we consider to be harming society — whether we label them as psychopaths, terrorists, the Government, Al Qaeda, the Bilderbergs, reptilians, Rothchilds, Neo Cons, the Military-Industrial Complex, Marxists, Liberals, Greys, the Elite, multinationals or Fascists — we are actually making it less likely that we will face up to the qualities they represent within ourselves. This is because, in psychology-speak, we are projecting our shadow — we are avoiding owning those qualities we perceive as negative and pushed them on others. In this way, we can take the moral high ground and feel sanctimoniously validated, playing the role of the righteous against the tyranny of evil, fighting for our concept of justice and freedom. We can be the blue people from the film Avatar, defending our beautiful planet against those who wish to destroy it for profit and control.

However, a world that is connected, a world that is holistic… that is a world where no one can conspire because there is no separation. There is no ‘me’ and there is no ‘you’; nobody is controlled who does not participate in that control themselves on some level because everything is one consciousness or one energy… everything is one.

So if we wish to rid the world of our psychopathic controllers, we need to rid ourselves of our own internal psychopathic controllers. This is the key to a peaceful and harmonious world.

Those that project the shadow most strongly onto others tend to end up being those who can be most cruel and destructive. That is why conspiracy theorists who spend time figuratively pointing fingers tend to be people you really do not want to have as friends. These who make a habit of looking for evil outside of themselves are those who give it free rein within. By encouraging people to project evil outside of themselves, a scenario that is repeated with every conspiracy theory going, conspiracists are not merely whistle-blowers for evil deeds but are actually perpetuating the violent duality that spawns conflict, fear and manipulation. Conspiracists are therefore an integral part of the problem because of the level of consciousness and reality-perception they promote.

There is absolutely no place for conspiracy theory in a holistic, unified world, and the only hope for a loving and peaceful future is for us each to open our hearts and to own our own shadow — which means owning our own psychopathy and associated narcissism. [This does not mean that we should ditch conspiracy and bury our heads in the sand; only that we need to adopt a different paradigm rather than the ‘us vs them’ paradigm.]

Owning our own Psychopathy

We all have psychopathic tendencies. Take a look at that list of behaviours mentioned earlier in this article that characterise psychopathy — they are identical with those of strong egotism. So the psychopathy that horrifies us out in the world, in certain groups of people, is maybe just an exaggerated version of the rampant egotism that pollutes our society. And this includes the narcissism associated with psychopathy which engenders feelings of entitlement and specialness (even if that specialness takes the form of a strong identification with not being special — which is also a form of egotism).

As long as strong egotism is the cultural norm, as long as worldviews based on the importance of conceptual self pervade society, as long as strong egotism is rewarded in society, we will elect leaders and role-models that embody that egotism and psychopathy for us. How can we criticise our pathological leaders when we are quite happy to idolize celebrity culture at every opportunity. Celebrity, after all, is based almost entirely on strong egotism — this person is different, special, more beautiful, more handsome, more this, more that. Celebrity culture divides people up; it creates an echelon-fixated society that allows psychopaths to ply their pathology. For as long as we see ourselves as separate individuals we will believe that we need strong external control in the form of leaders and laws to force coordination and cooperation, making the incorrect assumption that, without some sort of strong external control, society would be reduced to chaos. We are almost completely blind to the fact that order can and does spontaneously emerge from chaotic systems.

Of course, society is not ready to let go of leaders and laws because the vast majority of people see the world through a filter of strong egotism, and therefore act in ways that would never spontaneously coordinate. Indeed, even the language being used here implies a worldview of separation.

This worldview is predicated on a reductionist or bottom-up approach to understanding reality where components of systems are regarded as more fundamental, and the behaviour of systems can be explained by the behaviour of their components. In this way, society is regarded as a large collection of individuals, and as each individual is assumed to be separate and unique, external control of those individuals is considered necessary to get them to coordinate. And society of course needs coordination in order to function.

It is this belief system that gives the green light to psychopaths, allowing them to manipulate their way into positions of authority in order to control us — for our collective ‘good’. We invite them in because of our fixation on individuality and our worship of egotism.

In reality, however, our actual experience of the world is top-down — it is holistic — after all even hard-headed reductionism requires a milieu of consciousness in order for the reductionist concept to make any sense in the first place! Consciousness seems to be somewhere in the background to everything, even in situations that seem to concern only the hardest of objectivities, so that every assumption of objectivity can only be an approximation at best. And if consciousness itself is indeed a single entity, then we can understand how external control is no longer needed (after all, ‘external’ cannot exist from a oneness perspective).

So how do we own our own psychopathy? We own it by becoming conscious of the way that we manipulate all those around us into fulfilling our needs. We become aware of how, at the back of almost every action and interaction, the assumption of ‘I’ as an independent separate entity is being made, one that pathologises social interaction and function. If we choose to interact pathologically, then we must expect pathological consequences, one of which is pathological leaders; another of which is conspiracies based upon the actions of those pathological leaders.

Until we free ourselves from the tyranny of strong egotism, we will experience the tyranny of evil men and women in our society.

Freeing Ourselves from the Tyranny of the Ego

Freeing ourselves from the tyranny of the ego is much more important than finding truth or freedom. For truth that involves a fictitious knower, or freedom that is blind to our slavery, is no truth or freedom at all. Until we drop the pathology of self, we cannot stop the pathology of society.

So there is no point railing against pathological leaders or pathological organisations, for any opposition to external pathologies only reenforces the worldview that catalyses these pathologies in the first place. Conspiracy theory is entirely rooted in a worldview of disunity, and the indignant anger and outrage generated by conspiracy theorists perpetuate that disunity.

We need another approach, one that does not fan the flames of rampant egotism.

Looking at that list of psychopathic/sociopathic attributes listed earlier in this article, we need to go through each one and own it for ourselves, instead of pushing it onto other men and women in society who we can safely label as ‘psychopathic’ or ‘evil’. Here is that list of those psychopathic traits again:

Aggressive narcissism

  1. Glibness/superficial charm
  2. Grandiose sense of self-worth
  3. Pathological lying
  4. Cunning/manipulative
  5. Lack of remorse or guilt
  6. Emotionally shallow
  7. Callous/lack of empathy
  8. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

Socially deviant lifestyle

  1. Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
  2. Parasitic lifestyle
  3. Poor behavioral control
  4. Promiscuous sexual behavior
  5. Lack of realistic, long-term goals
  6. Impulsiveness
  7. Irresponsibility
  8. Juvenile delinquency
  9. Early behavioral problems
  10. Revocation of conditional release

Traits not correlated with either factor

  1. Many short-term marital relationships
  2. Criminal versatility

Can we recognize at least some of these qualities in ourselves? Many of these characteristics seems to be increasingly prevalent in modern society. Just looking at the first few characteristics: has not glibness and superficial charm become the norm in modern society? Are not the newer generations today being brought up with such a grandiose sense of self-worth and entitlement (which invariably hides an equal and opposite insecurity) that they are driven to live lives they cannot afford in a desperate attempt for status validation? Are we not all liars in some aspects of our lives, lying in order to manipulate those around us to get what we want, what we think we need? Has not society becoming increasingly emotionally shallow, impulsive, irresponsible, sexualized, and in need of constant physical and mental stimulation? And are not behavioral problems and juvenile delinquency increasingly a hallmark of new generations?

This list of psychopathic characteristics is only different in intensity to those characteristics found right across modern society today. Indeed, we can say that modern society itself is psychopathic.

One perspective of this is to see this psychopathy as a consequence of a social system set up and operated by generations of psychopathic leaders. But a deeper perspective might be that psychopathic leaders are merely the barometer of internal pathology, and any growth in perceived psychopathy is an indication that there is a strong need for us to deal with it within ourselves more consciously.

So an honest look at those characteristics of psychopaths will reveal pathology in our own being, pathology that we bury in our own consciousness only to find it reflected out onto the illusion of the world stage. This pathology is at the heart of conspiracy theory; this is the pathology that we project onto ruthless people that do unthinkable things to others in their name of their own greed, power-lust and gratification. And this is the only real conspiracy going: that we fool ourselves into believing in a 4-dimensional space-time reality in which certain portions of that reality can scheme against other portions of that reality.

This cannot happen if there is no separation. And where there is no separation there can be no conspiracy. Conspiracy is a fairy tale we tell ourselves because we refuse to accept the pathology within ourselves. We refuse to accept that the terrible evil in the world is rooted in our own consciousness — is the mote in our own eye — and instead we tread the path of denial, outrage and righteousness.

And what is this evil ultimately? It is the evil of believing in a world of separation. That is the ‘original sin’ — the primary deception. When we manufacture a world of separate objects, when we shun unity, we bring great misfortune to ourselves and to others through the lie of our perception. This is the lie on which humanity is currently struggling with; it is the lie that prevents us from awakening.

As our egos manufacture the illusion of separate selves in a unified universe, the first place we need to start in rediscovering this unity is in becoming authentic. We need to stop believing in the mask of self and stand from a deeper place, right in the silent awareness that animates that mask. It might sound bland and it might seem simple, but focus on awareness opens up a whole new universe that underlies everything we experience. For it is identification with the mask that triggers denial of the shadow, which in turn fuels the projection of that shadow which breeds psychopathic leaders, which conspire against us. This is why identifying our masks and removing them is so important to global change. A mask is not just a simple deception in identity: the mask is the pathology that threatens the very future of this planet and all who sail in her.

What mask do you wear? And what characteristics within yourself do you think you are constructing this mask to hide?

It may sound trite and ineffective to someone caught up in the 4-d space-time illusion, but this is real activism. This is actually the fulcrum of world change and it lies within each of us. Most, unfortunately, through their ignorance of consciousness dismiss inner investigation as ‘navel-gazing’ or ‘armchair activism’, betraying their prejudiced and outdated perspectives. These individuals assume that inner focus does not lead to outer action; they are ignorant of the fact that when we focus within ourselves to change our own consciousness, we cannot but help to act in a way congruent with that inner change. Only a mind completely merged in the feel of its goal can animate a body to act in ways most conducive to realizing that goal. There is no point, for example, using violence to protest against violence, and yet that is precisely what will happen if you have not dealt with the violence within you. And that violent protest will not bring peace, but will only catalyze more violence.

If we are activists focused on the pathology ‘out in the world’ without first dealing with the pathology within our own consciousness, then are actions become desperate, reactive and aggressive — we end up inadvertently playing out the shadow without realizing that we are doing this. This is why revolutions never work: anything conceived in conflict becomes an agent of conflict. This is the truth that anyone stuck in 4-d space-time perspectives will never be able to see.

The Awakening Cycle

When we start this journey of awakening, we are first likely to focus on what is wrong with the world. We may take up a cause like climate change, poverty, women’s and/or animal rights. We may start a natural health program in reaction to a toxic world and begin doing meditation or yoga in reaction to a stressful world. At this level of consciousness, we start to look past the traditional solutions offered by society, realizing that most of them merely mask our problems rather than heal them. (Being an ‘O so nice’ religious person, for example, doesn’t actually have much to do with spirituality at all, but can be more a form of behavioral control and ego identification.)

Looking past the solutions society that society offers is challenging because we are saturated by the official or orthodox worldview. Often, we need the shock of some life-changing event to break free from old perceptions: perhaps we experience death, separation, loss or a grave illness which causes us to question the meaning of our lives and the official version of reality; perhaps we have what we believe to be a spiritual or paranormal experience; perhaps experiencing great suffering in others and ourselves from abuse, poverty, discrimination, corporate greed, war, political and religious abuse lead us to looking for ways to create a fairer, more open and more peaceful society; and perhaps psychotropic drug experiences, new types of music and/or UFO abduction experiences give us the imagination to see novel possibilities and the contrived nature of what we label as ‘waking reality’. Whatever the experience is, we are encouraged to see beyond the boundaries of the official version of reality; we open up to questioning what society takes for granted.

And if we question deep enough and end up rejecting the official version of events, we can find ourselves squarely in the world of conspiracy theory. Nothing wrong with this per se; most of conspiracy theory actually makes a lot more sense than that textbook explanations. Indeed, the evidence for much of conspiracy is undeniable, and offers us the chance to wake up to a deeper perspective of reality. We see that what we originally thought was freedom is actually slavery, and what we originally thought was the truth were lies to manipulate us into behaving in a certain way.

The conspiratorial perspective usually leads us to feelings of anger and outrage that human beings can manipulate, maim and murder one another, animals and the environment merely for the accumulating of ever greater wealth, control and power. And if we are not careful and get hooked on conspiracy theory, we can stay in that anger and reactivity. (There is nothing wrong with anger as such; it is, after all, the fire that fuels change. But when anger is experience long-term then that fire can end up burning our own fingers. We can become embittered, cynical and frustrated, largely because the system seems so big that changing it seems almost impossible.)

It is here that many of the conspiracy theorists get stuck. And it is here that half of the New Age and New Consciousness movement is also stuck. We get stuck in the stories of the Illuminati, 9-11, global takeover, GM Frankenstein foods and a ‘healthcare’ (drugcare) system run entirely for profit. We may turn up at animal rights, women’s rights, men’s rights, ET rights meetings — year after year — without realizing that something is fundamentally wrong within ourselves.

Some conspiracy theorists are starting to give lip service to ‘love’ and ‘spirituality’, but as long as they are peddling their theories then they are as much part of the problem as the Bilderbergs and Neocons.

The Next Step

Fortunately, most will eventually get tired of focusing on conspiracy theory. (Those that do not usually have some pretty heavy investment in perpetuating this world view — perhaps they are considered experts and write books on the topic.) If we are perceptive, we realize that disharmony ‘out’ in the world is actually a reflection of disharmony in our own being. But we have become so addicted to projecting that disharmony outward, onto ‘them’, and then hating ‘them’ for having this disharmony, that it becomes a truly revolutionary act to accept that we ourselves are not only the victims, but the perpetrators! We are the ones we hate so much. We are the guardians of the outdated and controlling systems that enslave humanity and the rest of creation.

Of course, that realization is consistent only with a very different perspective of reality, one which focuses on unity. Quantum mechanics has been with us for a century but humanity is still universally caught in the Newtonian perspective (and this includes societies controlled by strict religious orthodoxy which is also based on materialism — the perspective of separate objects and beings interacting on a 4-dimensional space-time stage).

Even the Green movement which is regarded as progressive is stuck in the old Newtonian worldview. If you think about it, ecology is largely materialistic. Ecology is the science of conserving matter because only matter matters from the ecological perspective. Resources are finite because resources are material things — objects that need to be counted out and conserved. Again, nothing wrong with that… except… if the world is not Newtonian and if our reality is literally manufactured by consciousness — if we are living in a giant hologram — then dealing with the world from a Newtonian perspective, no matter how caring or loving, is not going to change it much because the perspective itself downvalues the most fundamental and important fulcrum of change, our own consciousness. Our approach is fundamentally flawed, so that any good we do ends up being minimal and ineffective long-term.

The real revolution is an internal one.

When we stop our revolutionary frenetic activity and start to focus on healing inside — this is the greatest revolutionary act. And focusing inside does not mean that we stop doing things in the world. It just means that the focus remains inside (at least for a while) so that we look into the eye of the darkness within each of us and accept it as part of us. We own our shadow instead of blaming other people, and learn to let down the mask we have hidden behind for so long.

This is much more difficult than protesting in the street; this is much more challenging than taking a political stand; this is much more important than even modifying our everyday behaviour as we do with recycling and choosing to go energy efficient. For without finding that which is within ourselves that supports or enables that which we oppose, we will never let go of this dance between opposites. We have all witnessed how the revolutionaries of today become the oppressors of tomorrow. Those who fight for peace in the traditional way are fighters, and therefore have no imagination or emotional ability to bring about lasting peace.

Unless we take responsibility for our own internal states, we will never be a true force of change in the world. Unless we own the shadow characteristics within, we will be playing this game of cosmetic change, waiting for our turn to be the oppressor once we have control.

But once we do look inside; once we truly find peace and harmony within — which does not mean suppressing angry or hateful thoughts but being in full accepting awareness of them — then and only then does our inner state match our behaviour. When we can find that awareness, the concept of inside and outside becomes meaningless as we become the action that really does change the world. We become that change; we become genuine love.

Most of the teachers in history who have had the biggest impact on humanity have made that change — they have found a unified congruence between inside and outside, so that the actions they took flowed effortlessly. But as a general rule it always starts with inner focus, not outer focus. Otherwise the actions become tainted and the change unsubstantial.

And woe betide anyone who tries to act that change — act in a peaceful and loving way — without owning the shadow, without doing the work. They will go around with an air of harmony whilst all around them disintegrates into disharmony. They become catalysts for destruction whilst maintaining a peaceful and loving countenance. If you are going to become the change, you have to do the inner work; there are no shortcuts.

We Become the Change

We are at a point in history when we have to become the change that is so sorely needed. And we can only become that change by being aware that the imminent destruction of the Earth is a deep reflection of the imbalance at the heart of consciousness. Therefore, we need to let go of finger-pointing conspiracy theory and spend some quiet time becoming acquainted with the imbalances within ourselves, for that is where we most intimately touch consciousness. Only when we truly know that we are the elite, we are the Bilderbergs, we are the bankers, we are the military, we are the multinational corporations, we are the politicians, we are the terrible abusers… will society no longer need to reflect back to us what we try so hard to avoid. Then and only then can society fundamentally change.

The writing is on the wall for conspiracy consciousness, just as it is for all consciousness based on separation. This is a new time of oneness. If we do not take the time to realize unity consciousness, if we remain in the outdated Newtonian paradigm of separation, then even our best efforts will be sabotaged by the subconscious. If we succeed, and that looks increasingly likely as heightened consciousness flowers on our planet, we will witness the birth of a new species of two-legged, one that is in harmony with All-That-Is because it does not see itself as separate or fragmented.

So the only way forward is to move past conspiracy and embrace spiritual unity. It may feel a little awkward at first, it may feel that we are wasting precious time navel-gazing, but only inner focus and fierce authenticity will assure us of safe passage to a viable future.