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The Creation Of Fabulous Food Forests

The permaculture term, “food forests”, seems to be gaining notoriety across the world wide web and in local conversations. As one of the key permaculture zones, food forests are simply food gardens in a forest setting. They are built using diverse edible trees and plants that imitate natural forest patterns and ecosystems. There purpose is [...]

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Permaculture Principles For The Farm And Garden

Permaculture is an ecological system that incorporates 12 permaculture principles to use on the farm and in the garden. The beauty of these principles is that they align with the laws we find at work in nature, and thereby creates a harmonious system by which both people and the planet benefit. The goal of permaculture [...]

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Organic Raised-Bed Gardening In Cuba

I recently returned from an amazing trip to Cuba. My favorite excursion upon our extensive tour of this most beautiful Caribbean island was our visit to La Finca Agroecologica in the lush Vinales valley where organic raised-bed gardening in Cuba demonstrates pure perfection. La Finca is a shining example of ecological gardening in harmony with [...]

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The Wisdom Of Nature To Unify Humanity

Human beings are so delicately woven to nature that in essence we could say nature is us, and we are nature. As our awareness of this fine thread linking us to nature grows and expands, we can begin to comprehend the ever deeper levels of our union with every aspect of our natural environment. Our [...]

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