Sweetgrass Farm

Little By Little Permaculture Progress

Since my tree-trimming birthday in mid-September, work on Sweetgrass Farm has been non-stop. Each day I mentally chant my “little by little” mantra to prevent overwhelm as I watch permaculture progress being made, slowly but surely. I remember the legal pad my Dad kept by the kitchen table in which he made his lists of [...]

Little By Little Permaculture Progress2024-04-07T15:39:24+00:00

Tree Trimming Birthday With A Waterfall Gift

I had only been at the new property for a few weeks when it was time to begin work at Sweetgrass Farm. No rest for the weary after a tedious move under the hot, Florida summer sun. I was excited to leave the story of stuff behind, and begin my intimate connection with my natural [...]

Tree Trimming Birthday With A Waterfall Gift2024-04-07T15:41:13+00:00
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