While the anticipated date of 2012 has come and gone with no apparent change, nothing could be further from the truth. Change is here with the enlightenment revolution in humanity’s evolution. Change is subtly happening in the revolving and evolving consciousness of every soul whether one is aware of it or not. As we move through 2014, these changes will begin to manifest the strength of their roots in the hearts and minds of every person and into the world. The new leaders are the people themselves replacing corrupt governments with the unstoppable force of grassroots movements on every level and in every sector of life.

The examined life is worth living! Not only is it worth it, it will soon become the only life worth living. There is no place left to hide. The shift in consciousness is bringing the opportunity to heal our past emotional wounds, and embrace a wealth of new perceptions. You will know when your own inner climate is changing by an increase in unexplained synchronicity, easier manifestation and a renewed sense of self-love, joy and inner peace. Collectively, we will no longer tolerate the limitations, injustices and manipulations being forced upon us. Humanity’s evolution demands the end of a polluted and depleted environment, starvation, oppression, victimization, lies and corruption. The year 2014 requires a reboot of out own inner software with the dreams and visions we have long held in our hearts, and set a collective goal for a more enlightened world. When we embrace dragonfly’s message of transformation within us, we send those messages out into the world and cosmos on the wings of change. Every thought, every word, every feeling matters.


John Perkins on 2014: Revolutionizing Consciousness

January 23rd, 2014

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” -Harriet Tubman, abolitionist and humanitarian, an important member of the “Underground Railroad” (1820 – 1913)

We are entering a new year and continuing along the path of a Consciousness Revolution, an event that has been anticipated for centuries by indigenous cultures. This is an ideal time for us to ask ourselves what it means to be human on this tiny space station, Earth, at this moment in history, to recognize that we must take the individual and collective actions necessary to turn crises into opportunities, to commit to daily actions that will transform that recognition into reality, and finally, to realize that doing all of this isn’t just necessary; it’s fun.

Achieving all of our goals will be possible as we pursue the goal of revolutionizing consciousness – as we think about the world and ourselves in a new and enlightened way. In order to pursue our mission to create a just, peaceful, and sustainable world, we recognize the importance of transforming ourselves from the inside out, starting with our hearts and minds.

Every crisis presents us with an opportunity to make a difference. Taking initiative during times of natural disaster and civil unrest leads to the changes that the world needs to see now. Stepping into the gaps caused by crises with courage and responsibility allows us to create a bright future for our children and grandchildren. We have the power to make sweeping lifestyle changes at home and to empower our leaders to do the same.

The corporatocracy wants us to consume more and more as their profits and power grow; yet, we are called upon to resist with purposeful action. It is time to educate those around us so that the movement to reduce consumption and to empower responsible businesses can become stronger. Not only is rampant consumption feeding into the corporatocracy, but it is also threatening the future of our children in every way from their food sources to their health. Through our purchasing decisions, we send powerful messages to the corporations. It is time now for those messages to be about creating an economy that cleans up pollution, helps starving people feed themselves, and develops new energy, transportation, communications, banking, education, and marketing systems – instead of about more militarization and pillaging of the earth.

After we commit to daily actions we see our goals become achievements and our dreams become reality. As I suggested in a recent blog, when you identify a cause that inspires you and email at least 10 people every day urging them to act around that cause and also asking them to email 10 of their friends, you manifest magical powers.

Setting clear goals helps us to be intentional about changing poor habits into powerful ones. Writing those goals down and sharing them with friends and family creates momentum and accountability. We can transform ourselves with each dream that starts in the heart and becomes reality.

It takes just one voice to start a movement. One voice is joined by hundreds and then thousands more voices to create an insurmountable energy for change. All over the world, we can and will continue uniting and demanding for the right of the people to be served. Strong grassroots movements will be unstoppable with enough of us behind them.
Let 2014 be the year that you dedicate yourself like never before to your transformative journey and your practice of living in a new consciousness. No matter what goals you set for yourself in the new year, one of the most important actions you can take is to educate those around you about these issues and how to make an impact regarding them.

Let’s dance together, soar together, and share our passions with others.


Socrates wrote, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living.’ He had a good point. The gift of life is not all about life missions, job descriptions, and obedience to external authority as we have been led to believe. Self-discovery is a foremost reason for existence, along with learning to follow our passions and to live from the heart. Many may be experiencing a number of ‘dark night of the soul’ episodes requiring intently working through unresolved shadow issues to gain understanding and forgiveness.

This inner work is the greatest work we can do. As we garner insights and turn them into wisdom, we free ourselves from the shackles of a painful past if applicable, while those who have enjoyed a pain-free past may discover new ways of being creative and of service. The inner emotional work clears our energy fields of encumbrances. Once insights are brought to light and acknowledged, there is no desire for endlessly repeating already lived experiences. Grand new vistas await and we can consciously embark upon the next stage of evolution involving such pleasures as an ever-deepening connection to the natural world, greater intimacy in relationships, enhanced creative endeavors, access to the sacred mystical realms, and a conscious connection to the Infinite.

Eventually, challenging symptoms are replaced by the euphoria of an authentic sense of belonging, an increase in synchronicities, faster manifestation, miracles, deeper connection to nature, greater sense of beauty, heightened creative skills, new healing abilities, genuine self-love, total presence in the moment, meetings with remarkable beings, abundance when needed, enjoyment of the simple things, light hearted humor, and inner peace.

A Glimpse of What May Lie Beyond

Matter is lit from within. Matter is energy and light.
Entirely new modes of living naturally occur in Oneness
Timelessness. Past, present and future being simultaneous.
A life of synchronicity and miracles.
Observer consciousness. Awareness of the very big picture.
Love takes on new meanings.
All needs met for every individual on earth.
Sacred interaction with the environment.
Absent loved ones greeted in the present.
Immense gratitude for learning, love and enchantment.
Changes in bodily needs and functions.
Enhanced abilities.
Wellness, youthfulness, and immortality.
New means of communication.
Access to the archives of the earth and cosmos.
Zest for living, discovery and creation.
Life becomes a work of art and excellence.
Co-creation with spirit orbs, ascended masters, angels, nature spirits and star people.
Exploring celestial holy cities and environments.
Free energy and high technology devices.
Developing a deeper relationship with the Infinite.
Seeing the Infinite in all things.