They say attitude is everything. If we journey through this life with a negative or bad attitude, chances are we will attract unpleasant experiences. If we choose to embrace a positive attitude, chances are we will attract more uplifting experiences along the way. It sounds simple enough yet, it does not always seem to work this way. I have known some extraordinary, positive, upbeat, joyful people who have encountered their share of challenging tribulations. Sometimes, it even seems, the toughest times fall on some of the best people. Life can seem unfair, but in truth, life gives each of us exactly what we need for our highest soul growth. Our attitude, however, in the face of our particular challenges is significant, and can help turn the tide towards a more positive outcome.

Our attitude toward life is fragile and variable. It is not easy to maintain a glorious, positive attitude at every moment, at every turn in the road. The few I know who demonstrate a consistent, positive outlook live simple lives, and they are all men. Women seem to have more complicated lives, especially if they are on their own raising children, working a job, caring for a home, nurturing a social life or personal interests and coping with hormones. I have shared times with women friends wherein we listened to one another complain about lack of energy, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, lack of money, lack of fun, lack of love, lack of time. In short, we were agitated, frustrated, tired, overworked, overwhelmed and grumpy. But women gather to help support one another in maintaining a sense of joy and positive vibrations in spite of our grumpiness. We forgive one another our bad attitudes, blame it on hormones and in our efforts to revive positive attitudes, discover just how delicate the balance really is…and all the ingredients, in just the right proportions, needed to create a positive attitude pie.

Though we may be blessed with an upbeat attitude as a result of religious or spiritual faith or good fortune, our attitude will always be tested by life. It is not enough for us to mentally forge the need for a positive outlook. We have to feel those good vibrations down to our toes, and embody this positive energy. When the mind and emotions fail to muster the attitude we need, it is time for spiritual aspiration and inspiration. The cultivation of an inner life of spirit can often reveal what our thoughts and feelings sometimes fail to show us. In essence, a truly positive attitude that never falters has its roots below the surface. It requires the whole process of mind, body and spirit. At its finest, it is an awakening.

What are we awakening to? It is a waking up to the truth of who we are. When we know, feel and trust in who we are, a positive attitude will make a permanent home in our being. If we are busily distracted with identifying with our jobs, our marriage, our bank accounts, our clothes and our cars, then our positive attitude will be tested upon the loss or change in these external identifications. Sometimes it takes a shock, a jolly to lift us up and out of negative thinking. Sometimes it takes the pure strength of our will to forge positive thinking into a principle by which to live, no matter what.

Many gurus, saints, healers and mystics have spoken about a positive, joyous attitude. At the foundation of the truths they present appears to be a common spiritual thread…a thread that weaves our connection beyond our self, into the heart of all life and back to the source from which we came. It is a sacred weaving, fragile, fine and charged with a divine spark of light…the electric light of love. Our journey to find all the necessary ingredients for positive joy moves along this thread through the maze of life. We may get lost, come to a dead end, drop into negativity, but we will always stay connected to this thread. We have all been given a connecting light, and we have only to find this beacon within ourselves. It is the light of knowing we are here to grow in love for love is all we will carry forward with us when we depart. How, then, if we are each linked to an ocean of love, can we entertain anything but an attitude of joy and hope? We doubt. We doubt the truth of who we are, and find ourselves wandering in the maze of separation. The foundation for our joyful energy and positive attitude is built on the highest pillars of love for ourselves, for others, for all life and for the source of our every breath. We can transcend the dark shadows beneath the water, as the nymph, and trust our time will come to leave the illusory shadows behind as we climb the stalk, and wait…patiently for our iridescent wings with which to soar and radiate this love.

 “It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come.”

― Dalai Lama

As nymphs below the water, we are accepting the watery, emotional realms into which we are born, and in which we are steadily morphing. The shedding of our skin is a sign of maturation and growth. Our emotional morphing process is divinely designed to ultimately set us free. Both positive and negative emotional experiences reveal truths which create the foundation for our attitude as we journey through life.  Our work is to dispel the illusions cast by the shadows and lower vibrations that feed on negativity, and embrace the light of truths that open the sky of higher vibrations and infinite possibilities. The gift we each carry is hidden in the shadows of our ancestral inheritance and programming. Our lives often reflect our shadows, not our gifts. To blossom into our gifts,  we must shed our emotional skin, layer by layer, until we reach the truth of our own perceptions. The foundation for a positive attitude is grateful acceptance of who we are right now, and the knowledge of the gifts we are destined to bring. We are here to help one another learn to fly on the wings of love.