you are the appointed
for these times of change…
embedded deep within you
lies your own unique
gene key
unlike any other creature
on this earth…
that in one moment
will call you to rise
up and out from
the only life you have known
beneath the water…
to leave behind this place
you have called home
and embrace the unfolding
of iridescent wings
with which to soar into
an open expanse of
new possibilities.

You have not forgotten this
home, for you return
often to dance upon the
water above the world
from which you came.

There is no regret.

For now you are on purpose
to fulfill your destiny as
the messenger…
you unexpectedly appear to
those of us who remain
hidden in our own emotional
unaware of the life that waits us…
the life that is possible.

Come dragonfly, remind us of the
home from which we came…
grant us the courage to rise up
and find our own wings…
so we may fly with grace
upon these winds of change…
welcome the power of our own
and spread your message
around the world
with love.