A question we might all want to ask, in light of all the enormous challenges humanity faces today, is are we in the process of evolution or devolution? The sign posts of these challenges do not appear, on the surface, to be pointing to a positive human evolution. Human evolution is about humanity’s capacity to be humane. In our current world community, we the people are being governed by corruption that is trickling down and poisoning the entire well. We are drinking water that is old, outdated, limited, polluted and threatening our capacity to survive and thrive. Everything in our society from inefficient health care, corporate greed, diminishing resources and toxic environments represents inhumanity. We are being led astray from the humane evolution of kindness, compassion and cooperation to the inhumane evolution of cruelty, indifference and separation. Fortunately, beneath the surface, random acts of kindness exist among the people.

Hope for the future of human evolution is a story that needs to be rewritten. We can no longer tolerate inhumane injustice being done to people not the planet. Before a new story can be written, the old story needs to be dismantled. One has only to stay current with the global news today to witness this dismantling at work. All that does not support the humane evolution of mankind must fall away to make room for new beliefs…the beliefs of the people, for the people, by the people.

Most of us learned about the concept of human evolution in school. We were exposed to the predominant theory based on the research of Charles Darwin which scientists of the day accepted as truth. Darwin’s theory of evolution is based not only on survival of the fittest, but on a random, gradual evolutionary path. The concept of the survival of the fittest by means of natural selection( or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life) encourages separation, genetic favoritism and competition. How can global communities work together in cooperation when they are competing to be the fittest for survival? They cannot. Though scientists have been reluctant to debunk Darwin’s theory, they have proved it wrong. Science has now proven that cells work together in cooperation with one another in order to successfully evolve and adapt to the environment. The random acts in the genetic process is nature’s genius at work when something goes wrong, and can be seen as a deviation from the norm in an attempt to fix the problem. It is also nature working to help us adapt to our changing environment rather than ruling out the weak in favor of the strong for only selective survival. Nature is in favor of multi-cellular cooperation that supports the whole, not a selective few.

Since Darwin days, quantum physics has proven the inter-relatedness of all life as well as identifying a “force” in the “field” which seems to create this link. As well, evolution does not appear to be a gradual process, but is more so defined by quantum leaps. Bruce Lipton, author of Spontaneous Evolution, believes humanity is on the verge of returning to a mid-point in evolution that is characterized by a quantum leap. Such leaps in evolution are only possible when the majority of humanity is united with a common awareness and consciousness which energetically, and biologically, propels them rapidly forward. The future of human evolution rests now on our unified understanding of what it means to be humane, and our collective beliefs to sustain these truths. Can humanity make this leap?

Dragonflies represent one of the greatest metaphors we have for the future of our own evolution. All dragonflies are born as nymphs into the dark, murky waters where they undergo a series of molts. We humans are born into the dark with a forgetful veil of our Divine spark. We, too, undergo a series of shedding our illusions as we grow to uncover life’s truths. It is our watery, emotional experiences both triggered and mirrored by the world around us that enables our growth. The nymph is unaware it will one day, unexpectedly, climb out of the water onto a stalk, and begin a miraculous metamorphosis into a winged creature. Humanity is unaware that one day our emotional dramas and lessons will end, and we will leave the world as we know it behind and begin our own miraculous transformation. Like the dragonfly, it is our destiny. Humanity is now slowly climbing onto the stalk. Though we cannot really know nor measure humanity’s current awakening, the signs are visible all over the world. It is becoming clear from our shared, common emotional lessons that we are all connected. Beneath the waters, we have all cried, all smiled. It is a global love story. Our wings are calling. It is time to fly.

The whole new story according to Lipton look like this: ” Consequently, the real challenge for the individual is to practice evolution, to learn the lessons of the old stories so we no longer need to repeat them, and to remind ourselves that the critical mass of humanity involved with this evolution will change the world from the inside out. We are living in a positive future, practicing Heaven and designing a bridge across which the whole of humanity will walk.”

Or maybe fly…

And according to Richard Rudd, author of the Gene Keys, ” …life is an interplay between two primary forces- the current of evolution and the current of involution. The way we are trained to think in the West focuses mainly on the objective, external world rather than the inner, subjective reality. For this reason we tend to lay greater emphasis on the evolutionary current, which has become the basis of the scientific approach. However, many mystical and esoteric traditions from around the world have also considered life from another aspect which sees life as an involutionary process in which consciousness is gradually incarnating deeper and deeper into the form, shaping our evolution as it does. This view, known as Emanationism, holds that at every stage of our planetary and personal evolution there is an unfolding hidden purpose, which reveals itself in successive steps. As Divine life involutes, so human and earth life evolves, and as we strive upwards in our consciousness towards the higher frequencies, so we are able to draw them down into our lives on the material plane.”

We are in the times of Great Change….moving from victimization towards freedom. We are the dragonflies in the beautiful, mysterious process of awakening into a life with wings we cannot even yet imagine.