It is time to save the Earth. While most of us are busy living life, our planet Earth along with the entire solar system are in the process of tremendous changes. We can casually acknowledge this has always been the case, always will be and this would be true. But, these current earth changes are more significant, more intense and more extreme than normal. Planet Earth is our home in the cosmos, our only home. If the home in which you live suddenly began sinking on one side, your tap water began to smell strange and cracks appeared in your ceilings, would you ignore these changes? I think not. In my heart, I do not believe accurate and honest cosmic and earth changes are being disclosed to the public as crucial news.

Most of us may be totally unaware of the significant earth changes occurring. After all, we are busy…busy with jobs, projects, study, dreams, travel, kids, family, gardens, exercising, cooking, emailing, shopping, planning and tending to all the complexities of modern day life. But all this busy-ness can only take place because we have a home in the cosmos in which to create this life. It appears that with all our busy-ness, we may be taking this beautiful green and blue star for granted.

We may feel that the bigger picture of earth and cosmic changes is just too big and out of our control to warrant our concern. Humanity today is facing a multitude of major issues as well as each human confronting their own personal day to day challenges. While our focus needs to remain here at home in caring for the environment on planet Earth, we cannot deny the connection our planet has to the other planets in the solar system. We the people who inhabit this planet need to know the facts about the changes occurring both here and beyond, not for doomsday promotion, but for becoming the best Earth stewards possible.

Here are some facts about our changing planet and cosmos:

• The poles are shifting, and have been for some time, averaging about 40 miles per year in the direction of Russia.

• The magnetic field is beginning to fail, and the atmosphere is collapsing.

• Weather and planetary changes are reaching extremes such as 15,000 warm temperature records in March 2012 in the USA alone.

• The sun is demonstrating extreme variations from minimum activity to an increase in violent solar eruptions and flares.

• Unusual changes and new activity is being recorded on some of our solar system plants like Jupiter and Uranus.

• Huge populations of bees and songbirds continue to die as a result of abundant chemical applications to our soils and plants as well as our atmosphere with chemtrails.

• Many marine and land species are rapidly becoming extinct while the quality of ocean reefs and life steadily declines.

I could go on and on and on, which is unfortunate and disturbing.

If we stop, and ask this question, ” Are all these changes solely the result of mankind’s doing, or are we simply passengers on a planet in a cosmos with its own agenda over which we have no control?”

Let’s be honest.

Chemicals destroy our soils along with all animal and insect life that are exposed to these toxins, and that includes humans.

The Industrial Revolution has resulted in the pollution and destruction of our beautiful lands and waters.

Powers that be are making bad decisions, and we the people are going to have to show up to save the Earth.

We have sacrificed the health and well being of our planet for a fast paced, stressed out, imbalanced, material existence of conspicuous consumption. We are squeezing every last resource to fulfill an illusion and a sickness.

In answer to the above question, it is my belief mankind is not the sole contributor to all the earth changes, but he is a major one. The cosmos clearly has some of its own patterns and agendas, but mankind is not simply here on this earth for a ride. It is humanity’s responsibility, and opportunity, to embrace environmental stewardship and provide earth care. It should be our most important focus and concern. Every biodynamic gardener understands the influence of the moon and other planets in the cosmos upon the creation of healthy soil and plants in the same way every mariner knows the affect of the moon on the tides and the seasonal changes in ocean temperatures and currents. We are here to learn Nature’s wisdom and to respond harmoniously. In our role of how we care, or not care, for the health of our planet has an impact upon planets in the whole solar system so perfectly situated to support life on earth. Any race of people, who would be so foolish as to extract all their planet’s resources, seals their fate with threatening and irreversible consequences. Perhaps our earth changes, and those in our cosmos, are the wake up call for the changes mankind must make in himself before it is too late. As above, so below. We have only one precious Earth. It is time we make caring for the environment our top priority on a daily basis. It is time to tend this earth garden before we have nothing but a wasteland to leave our children.