The moment we are born upon this planet, our download begins with the erroneous perception of salvation software. The download comes to us through our ancestral lineage, parents, teachers, friends, education, religion, governance, books, movies, media news and more. It is for the most part a free download for which we are paying a great price: to be virtually mind-controlled by a salvation narrative in which we perceive ourselves as needing to be saved. Saved from what? The installation of salvation software is designed to support the firmly entrenched story of an off-planet, patriarchal deity in the battle against an off-planet, patriarchal demon. The Biblical myth deposits us in the midst of this fight of good against evil, and suggests we must be saved from evil’s temptations to which we have succumbed as sinners, courtesy of Eve’s feminine weakness. God’s solution for our hopeless sins is to seek the necessary salvation if we are to win his favor and forgiveness. All three of the Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, as well as their diverse denominational off-shoots, promote this God program and mankind’s need for his own redemption. Salvation programs do not foster our confidence towards becoming masters of our own destiny, nor do they include a Goddess counterpart to this lone, almighty God who speaks the first and final word. To question these religious programs is to rock the God boat, and confront evidence for flawed perceptions that disrupt the minds and hearts of humanity in seeking salvation.

One might consider that if salvation software was rooted in truth, then it should be working by now in bringing peace upon the Earth. Yet, mankind persist in the evil acts of war, killing and co-destroying the garden and all its inhabitants. The salvation mentality does not promote balance, self-empowerment, mastery nor sovereign freedom, but rather encourages separation, self-loathing, inadequacy, external dependency and enslavement. If we believe someone or something is going to save us, what then is the point of showing up as the best we can be? The salvation complex robs the human being of his/her natural brilliance, and thwarts the evolution of our true genius working in harmony with the divine planetary Mother. It further propagates the victim/victimizer collusion in an endless, futile, circle game.

The exclusion of women as beings of power within the Abrahamic religions should raise some eyebrows. Women are an essential energy for keeping balance with men, and past myths still alive today devoid of the feminine are proving to be detrimental, and rendering states of gender confusion. The soil under our feet emanates a maternal, feminine spirit designated for domination, not respect. The seeking of dominion over nature is not a wise position; for the wisdom of the Earth reigns supreme over all mental ideologies and constructs, and all artificially intelligent attempts to imitate and substitute this high wisdom with robotics devoid of soul and desire.

Mankind’s secret, hidden abuse of its own kind and animals has not been healed or terminated by God programs. Questionable falsities have leaked like a suffocating oil spill into pristine waters, poisoning the obvious truths with toxic distractions. There is indeed a battle going on, but it is not between God and Satan. It is the fight to recover humanity’s true narrative over the false story being propagated by infected minds: the Archon deception versus the divine planetary Mother. The Sophia mythos holds the divine narrative for humanity wherein the power of dreaming and freedom prevail over salvation and enslavement. We cannot participate in the dream when we are preoccupied with needing to be saved.

The mistaken perceptions in salvation software are patiently culled so as to distract from and forget one’s innate connection to the true source and life force. Everything spiritual is material: they are one and the same. The attempt to separate them is a detour. There is a real enemy for whom evil and Satan are but a cover story; and the real creator story was hidden and substituted with the good God program. Historical writings confirm long, peaceful eras prior to the God program installation, and the Nag Hammadi texts provide factual evidence for the divine power that has been substituted with deceptive power. The real creator is waiting for us to see this imitation, and choose the dreaming power of Sophia software over the misleading, salvation software.

Humanity has been endowed with brilliant, but vulnerable, minds and souls. We can be easily swayed and betrayed. The Earth is awaiting our willing cooperation to apply our dreaming brilliance to create a more beautiful world. Our erroneous perceptions need to be deleted if we are to participate in the planet’s current correction, and move beyond salvation software programs to embrace the sacred redemption of the Earth herself.

Dragonfly says you were not designed to stay trapped beneath the murky waters of deception, but transform and fly free on the wings of the Earth’s wise spirit.