When we think of magic today, magic tricks and shows performed by magicians come to mind, rather than the supernatural enchantment all around us. I might propose that magicians derive their inspiration from the true magic embedded in both the seen and unseen worlds in which we are enveloped. In our busy, modern lives steeped in daily demands and distractions, few give credence to the magical wonder of the living goddess beneath our feet and all of her alchemical creations. For it is the wise and creative powers of the Earth that deliver to us the ecological wonders of diverse flora and fauna amidst breathtaking beauty, and that prompts us to consider the magical planet upon which we live. The evolutionary return to true magic for humanity may well be our saving grace from drowning in technological isolation, false ideologies and inhumane morality.

The Gnostic mystery schools flourished for thousands of years with teachings immersed in the Earth’s magical, organic light. The term organic is used to define the light as being natural, biological, plasmic, primary, innate and essential for knowing our place and purpose upon the planet. It is magical light because it is mysterious, mythical, celestial, obscure and seemingly not of this world. We may determine that magic involves the supernatural, yet the Earth’s organic light suggests our natural and innate capacity to know her magic. Significantly, John Lamb Lash teaches us that “love and the supernatural operate on the same frequencies.” Might we then contemplate that our apparent struggle to love our planet, all her creatures and one another hinges upon our ability to embrace true magic? When we fall in love, it feels magical. Perhaps when we fall out of love, it is because we are no longer vibrating at love’s frequency and thus, we simultaneously lose the magic.

Our evolutionary return to magic is our turn back to love: not just romantic love, but the higher love for all life. Our knowledge of the Earth’s organic light through direct experience ignites our love for every living thing that is imbued with a life force. We must caution against AI technologies and wayward ideologies that seek to divert our attention away from the ground beneath our feet. While there are clearly beneficial technologies that serve to connect us and provide solutions for our global challenges, there is no technology in my mind that can ever match an electric sunset, the light in a child’s eyes nor the iridescent delicacy of a dragonfly’s wings. We must never be willing to trade the planetary Mother’s magical alchemy of creation for the artificial light of imitation and substitution. For when we sacrifice this, we sell our inherited gifts of love and magic down the river, forever.

The dragonfly is a symbolic reflection for us to own our magical power, and to transform into luminous beings of light and love. Our sentient experience with the planet’s living light can be found within the amber glow radiating throughout the natural world, and which magnetizes us towards the true magic of creation. For true magic is not superficial hocus-pocus, but the real animating source and force that grants us a genetic structure designed with magical powers by which to evolve. Our evolutionary return to true magic is our destined path to reclaim the Aeonic Mother’s dream for us, and for which the revelation of her magic is only just beginning.