The dragonfly, more than ever now, continues to be a potent messenger for us during these accelerated times of change. The top of the pyramid appears to be unravelling and it is about time: for hierarchical systems are rooted in the deception of power and privilege. As we awaken to the realization that our conditioned beliefs may no longer be valid, we are forced to reevaluate our erroneous perceptions and dig deeper for the truth. Dragonfly reminds us that our illusion crisis is also the higher path for finding our wings in this age of deception.

We human beings have long lived like nymphs, navigating the emotional and shadowy waters of our existence beneath an expansive, blue sky realm that holds the possibility of our exalted liberty. We have been dominated and controlled by the lower shadow frequencies that have successfully trapped us within these illusive waters under the guise of freedom. Yet, our endless cycles of molting and evolving have revealed our true destiny. The day has come when we must find our way to the stalk by the water’s edge, and leave our illusions behind as we await the emergence of our wings.

I often wonder: does the nymph know it will one day leave the murky waters behind and take to the air upon iridescent wings? Or does this metamorphosis come as an unexpected and glorious surprise? Dragonfly messages tell us that we are like the nymphs with a splendid destiny whether we are aware of this or not. One day, we will let go of our illusory limitations and find our wings to soar upon the higher frequencies. The gift of our wings is hidden within our genetic coding wherein our transformation will unfold naturally. There is no power or force, try as it might, that can keep us from ripening into our divinely-created beauty; unless we choose to give our power away to such an external force. We must trust in our own internal compass that will guide us safely to the shore.

The Age of Deception has covertly reigned for so long that we accept this condition as natural: yet the true nature of the universe is harmonious, not insidious. Something is amiss. As all the lies become exposed, real change will demand that we maintain our higher vibrations in order to carry the truth forward. If we succumb to the victimization of fear, anger or violence, we will fail to manifest our good intentions.Our wings grant us the opportunity to fly above the deception in order to see clearly, and follow our new vision. When we collectively realize (real-eyes) the power of our wings, we will no longer be so easily deceived.

The Great Year is upon us as the descending cycles of the Kali Yuga end, and we begin our ascent towards a new Golden Age. We will carry with us all of our wisdom and our trauma from the dark ages, from the muddy waters, never to be deceived again. It will require constant vigilance as deception attempts to maintain its last grasp. The more we can feel the truth of our boundless freedom, the sooner we can free our prison planet from the long reign of deception.
Dragonfly says find your wings, quickly now.