The Imperative Of Healthy Soil

“No creature, not even swine, befouls its nest with such abandon as does homo sapiens, poisoning his habitat with fiendishly concocted chemicals and their deadly waste.” From the Introduction in Secrets Of The Soil Healthy soil is essential for the production of healthy food, and healthy food is critical for a healthy body. We cannot [...]

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The Permaculture Way Of Helping And Sharing

My permaculture teacher refers to this gardening methodology as a way of life. The permaculture way of life is ultimately about community wherein we balance receiving help from others, and by giving and sharing our permaculture knowledge and bounty with others. Friends who come to visit here at Sweetgrass Farm are fed bountiful, fresh food [...]

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Little By Little Permaculture Progress

Since my tree-trimming birthday in mid-September, work on Sweetgrass Farm has been non-stop. Each day I mentally chant my “little by little” mantra to prevent overwhelm as I watch permaculture progress being made, slowly but surely. I remember the legal pad my Dad kept by the kitchen table in which he made his lists of [...]

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