The New Age Of Perception Correction

Many of us have come to understand that we create our own reality, and this reality is unique to every individual based upon each person’s perception. In other words, whatever thoughts we entertain in the mind manifest into our external world as what is real for us. As sensory beings, we are constantly collecting [...]

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The Enlightenment Revolution In Humanity’s Evolution

  While the anticipated date of 2012 has come and gone with no apparent change, nothing could be further from the truth. Change is here with the enlightenment revolution in humanity's evolution. Change is subtly happening in the revolving and evolving consciousness of every soul whether one is aware of it or not. As we [...]

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Embracing New Beliefs To Create Change

Humanity is in need of a great change. If we are honest with ourselves, if we can slow down long enough to really see the truths being reflected back to us in the mirror of life we have created, we can glimpse clearly what is, and what is not, working. History has shown us that [...]

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The Messenger

Dragonfly… you are the appointed messenger for these times of change… embedded deep within you lies your own unique gene key unlike any other creature on this earth… that in one moment will call you to rise up and out from the only life you have known beneath the water… to leave behind this place [...]

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