The Great Dragonfly Awakening Is Now

The dragonfly and the butterfly are unique insects among earthly creatures, possessing the anomaly of a complete metamorphosis from a nymph and a caterpillar into whole new creatures. The dragonfly begins its life in deep, murky waters as a nymph where it undergoes a series of molts in preparation for its beauty to come, One [...]

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The Stealth Design Of Dragonflies

While it appears that Mother Nature gives all animals and insects their unique designs, the stealth design of dragonflies makes them not only exceptional predators, but also an inspiration for the extraordinary capacities of skillful flight and precise vision. The most curious and unusual aspect of all dragonflies remains their remarkable transformation from water loving [...]

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Exploring The Different Families Of Dragonflies

  When I was growing up as a girl on our Virginia farm, my father was always testing me to see if I remembered the names for different types of trees and birds. He took immense pleasure in watching the birds flock in the feeders outside the kitchen window, studying them in his piles of [...]

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Dragonflies And The Human Evolution Of Awakening

A question we might all want to ask, in light of all the enormous challenges humanity faces today, is are we in the process of evolution or devolution? The sign posts of these challenges do not appear, on the surface, to be pointing to a positive human evolution. Human evolution is about humanity's capacity to [...]

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Dragonfly Stories

The following stories were shared on my first dragonfly site, DragonflySymbolism.org. These stories touched my heart. I want to thank all these amazing people for sharing and caring.  I am posting these stories here on the new site to honor those who shared so deeply and honestly. ____________________ I just wanted to share my story [...]

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