The Great Dragonfly Awakening Is Now

The dragonfly and the butterfly are unique insects among earthly creatures, possessing the anomaly of a complete metamorphosis from a nymph and a caterpillar into whole new creatures. The dragonfly begins its life in deep, murky waters as a nymph where it undergoes a series of molts in preparation for its beauty to come, One [...]

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The Stealth Design Of Dragonflies

While it appears that Mother Nature gives all animals and insects their unique designs, the stealth design of dragonflies makes them not only exceptional predators, but also an inspiration for the extraordinary capacities of skillful flight and precise vision. The most curious and unusual aspect of all dragonflies remains their remarkable transformation from water loving [...]

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Finding Our Wings In The Age Of Deception

The dragonfly, more than ever now, continues to be a potent messenger for us during these accelerated times of change. The top of the pyramid appears to be unravelling and it is about time: for hierarchical systems are rooted in the deception of power and privilege. As we awaken to the realization that our conditioned [...]

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The Buddha Dragonfly Message

I recently moved to Vero Beach, Florida into a wonderful, light filled house nestled in a jungle setting with a five minute walk to the beach. I have landed in a little piece of paradise after weeks of packing, weeding, sorting, hauling, organizing and an endless design with "stuff". All of these dealings with my [...]

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Red Dragonfly Symbolism And The Transformation Of Death

Red dragonflies can be rare to view, and very special when the opportunity comes along. Yet, interestingly, they often appear to people surrounding life episodes of loss and death; perhaps a bit of an oxymoron that these lovely winged creatures are present at such times. But the meaning of red dragonfly includes both good and [...]

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Embracing Our Emotions As A Guide To Personal Transformation

What does it mean to be a human being? Perhaps some people ask this question, and perhaps others do not. At some point, in some way, everyone, I think, asks this question. The answers will vary immensely from person to person. But what if there was just one answer, one truth, with which to understand [...]

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The Grassroots Of Personal Transformation

  There is an Intuit legend that tells the story of a Skeleton Woman. It is beautifully told by Clarissa Pinkola Estes in her book, Women Who Run With The Wolves. The story goes like this: A woman had been thrown into the sea by her angry, disapproving father, and in time became a skeleton [...]

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